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    So, as the title implies, this forum is about your favorite track! My favorites are Suzuka, Spa, and Canada.

    So, what are yours?

    Oh, and on a side note, found this awesome picture of the Austin Track!





    Monza is my all time favourite and it isn’t because I’m a Ferrari fan although that makes it more special.

    Monaco is a close second for me. Interlagos is very special to me and then Montreal and Suzuka. Of the tracks not on the calandar then Imola.



    Actually, Monza for me too. It might be simple, but that’s exactly why I like it so much. Suzuka is my second favourite even if the races aren’t often exciting. Spa would be third; it’s great, but I’ve just never fallen in love with the section between Pouhon and Blanchimont.


    sbl on tour

    monza, nothing else comes close




    Nothing come close to me then Spa.



    Oh Spa, spa spa spa.

    Best start in F1, short start to the hairpin with battles all the way as the whole pack flies through the red water, together approaching 200 and then then the veiw down Kemmel as the pack snakes through Radillon and the slipstreaming down Kemmel. The whole thing is so dramatic, the speed as tangible as it ever gets on tv. An the lap still has so much to offer wide sweaping high speed turns all the way down the valley an then that second run towards the bus stop through Blanchimont. Best track in F1.

    Followed by Interlagos, the place were the season really should end, fantastic start again, infeild section very nice but it’s the run up the hill that i love, again a place were the speed and drama of an F1 car is readily apparent.

    Salut Gilles, nice circuit but its the excitement that makes me love this place, the corners arn’t particularly spectacular but their often fast and so close to the walls, makes this the best street circuit by a mile if you ask me, high speed low downforce street circuit, parfait, it means that just about anything can happen in the next lap, the cars can battle here like no where else with that sense of both possibilities and risk, I remember Keith calling it F1’s playground, that it covers it perfectly.

    Beyond that I have an soft spot for Sepang, because despite the artificial nature of the overtaking zones there are the needed zest added to a great highspeed circuit all ways underthreat from the weather. Silverstone doesn’t excite me as a prospect despite the occasionally great racing, I’ve never quite figured why. Bahrain was a nice idea before the baffaling new section, I didn’t mind the place at all, hopefully they scrap that for next year. Suzuka is great fun for it’s corners layout and occasionally sensational racing. Singapore can go strait to hell in it’s current format, boring slow attritional racing. Monza doesn’t really do it for me, still a fun weekend and fantastic to get some wing of the cars. Turkey looks like it could benefit from being run in the other direction as does Korea though no real knowledge of that yet, Aus for the win though less than Canadia.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’ve never been a fan of these threads. They always end up with the same result from everyone: Spa and Monza and Interlagos and Silverstone.



    Then I have a solution to your problem. Dont go on these kinds of topics :D

    No but I see what you mean, I just wanted to see if maybe someone head something else, thats all.



    Spa is brilliant. The best circuit in the world for me.

    As Prisoner Monkeys, everyone will say the same but I’m not one of those people who hates stuff like Abu Dhabi and Singapore because it’s new and not a ‘real’ racing track. Abu Dhabi is one of my favourite circuits in fact. I love it.



    Nordschleife, Spa (the old one was better than the present one but still), Monza, the old Hockenheim, Le Mans (without the chicanes in the Hunaudires), Silverstone (the old one), Watkins Glen, Monaco.

    The best spots are le Tertre Rouge when the cars accelerate into The Hunaudires, The Karusell, the Raidillon, and the Parabolica. It would be great to see F1 cars at Le Mans.

    In today’s F1, only three tracks are really making the cut in my opinion: Spa, Monza and Monaco.Silverstone and Suzuka are just ok, Montreal interesting and the rest plain boring.



    Watkins Glen is brilliant too if we can pick ones from the past.

    I have to say I’ve never loved Spa as much as most. I’m with Icthyes that from Pouhon it just all goes a bit downhill. Blanchimont is pretty dull I think. I don’t love Silv that muct either. The new Abbey is a great improvement and S1 is very good but it’s never grabbed me.

    There are some new tracks I do really like. Singapore is one of my favourites ever. It’s what a street circuit should be; hot, tough, close walls, vicious kerbs and bumpy or at least it was. It’s also corner after corner making a driver’s job that much more tough. I like Malaysia which I imagine is hell in the humidty and Turkey and Bahrain.

    I actually think the calendar is really strong at the moment. If they brought back Imola I’d be doing a song and dance but it’s great as it is.



    Oooh Imola, a shame we done it anymore, though I’d want it changed a little (i.e. a chicane leading into Tamburello rather than the neutered Tamburello I always knew) before it came back. Rarely a great race but I just really liked the flow of it. And the new Monza isn’t a patch on the old one ;-)

    I could really grow to love Istanbul Park if it wasn’t for the dull-ish Sector 1.

    Despite all the heart-attacks it’s given me, I really like Interlagos too.


    Felipe Bomeny


    and then interlagos, hopefully i’ll be going there this year as I was born not too far from the track itself!


    sbl on tour

    ok heres another, le mans




    Actually, Spa goes downhill from Bruxelles :p

    My favourites are the obvious- spa, interlagos, montreal and probably monza.

    Non-current/non-F1 tracks would be the nordschleife, le mans, road atlanta. Pescara looked incredible too.

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