Your favourite Tilkedrome?

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    I really like Istanbul Park. It’s a nice flowing circuit and Turn 8 is just mad. I hope it stays but it seems the most likely to go in the next few years. If I had to pick a far flung race (within Europe..ish!), Turkey would be my choice.



    @icthyes completely agree about Korea.

    I always loved Magny Cours too but thats going off topic!

    I’m learning to like the Bahrain track. The extension is a bit of a bodge job but its actually quite hard to get right and feels good when you do. Pre-extension would be better though I think. I like parts of Abu Dhabi too. Sector 1 is great and Sector 2 is quite challenging, but Sector 3 just feels like a copy paste of Sector 2.



    I liked Korea before this weekend. I thought the layout had a bit of everything (as Kubica said) and especially loved sectors 2 and 3. Turns 4,5,6 are rubbish but I half expected them anyway. It’s really great on F1 2010 and I don’t think there’s anything quite like it.

    After going through the list I’ve shocked myself to realise I’m actually a fan of most Tilke tracks (when did that happen??).

    The old Bahrain was great, Singapore is a proper street circuit and really wears the drivers out, Malaysia and Tukey have great flow although the latter is a bit boring after a while but turn 8 saves it and Abu Dhabi is ok in parts. Valencia is alright, there have been far worse tracks but while it’s fun on F12010 the stop-startness feels repetitive and not really a challenge but I love sector 3.

    I hate China though. The first couple of corners and the last one are interesting but the rest is just mostly miles of nothingness.



    I liked Magny-Cours too, especially the last configuration they used.

    Also, I change my mind, Shanghai shouldn’t be in that list. I must have been drunk.



    I like how Collantine deletes all the posts in the other thread.




    Joey there is no need at all to be so rude. Be polite, it’s Keith, not Collantine. It is not ridiculous because it is most likely Keith wants to delete the posts to create some ‘space’ in the forums and in that way in the long run not to block up the site with unnecessary threads and posts.
    @keithcollantine @joeyz11



    I do have a soft spot for Turkey.



    Red Bull Ring!



    After reading through the first page of this thread, I’m wondering if as many people would now consider Yeongam up there with Tilke’s best 2/3 years on…

    Anyhow, for me it’s Istanbul Park, Sepang, and perhaps the Buddh Circuit. I would also put Singapore up there but it’s for other reasons than Tilke’s track layout.


    Ed Marques




    Basing it on how good they are to drive on an F1 game, for me it’s Istanbul Park, with Yeongam 2nd.

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