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    Ok there was a dream team thread a little while ago but this is different.

    First you have the different groups based of current standings:

    New teams -Lotus, Virgin, Hispania,

    Low- Sauber, Toro Rosso, Williams

    Mid- Force India, Renault, Mercedes

    Top- Ferrari, Mclaren and Red Bull.

    From each group you choose 3 drivers (2 for racing, one spare), a chassis, engine, team principal, lead sponsor and a race engineer to create your ultimate team for that little branch. Finally pick what team name you’ll be racing under.

    An example would be for the ultimate top:

    Red Bull chassis, Ferrari engine engine, Domencali, Alonso, Massa, spare driver who can turn up every weekend and be on the pitwall will be Jenson, Smedley and take Santander. Race under the Ferrari name.

    Pros: Quick car, Stefano who is clam under pressure and Alonso.

    Cons: quick car but the Ferrari engine and Newey’s mind blowing design may lead to more reliability issues and push the design too far. The Renault engine is also part of RBR’s success so it is a gamble.

    As I’m taking the Ferrari team I’ll keep suppliyng STR and Sauber but be tight and not give any engines to big opposition. Yes, I’m a coward.



    New Teams:

    Lotus chassis, Kovalinen and Glock, Chandok as the spare, Tony Fernandes (because he has the sense to employ Mike Gascoyne), Cosworth engine (no choices there), Virgin as the lead sponsor. Engineer? We don’t hear enough from the small teams to know.

    Low: Williams car, Ferrari Engine, Barrichello & Kobayashi, Hulkenberg as the spare. Frank Williams as TP, and AT&T as chief sponsor – Sauber don’t have any and Red Bull would just cannibalise your team so that’s an easy decision.

    Mid: Renault car, Mercedes engine, Kubica Rosberg and Schumi as the spare for marketing purposes only. Ross Brawn is your only choice for TP here, though Eric Bouiller is doing a great job, and Renault have by far the best sponsorship package.

    Top: Here’s where it gets difficult. I’d go for Alonso and Button with Hamilton as the spare. All the drivers here are up with a shout, but Vettel is too raw, Webber’s on his way out, and Massa I just don’t think is up to the standard of the other 5 at the moment. Button gets the nod over Hamilton because while he’s less likely to win you a race, he’s also less likely to lose you one. Alonso is already filling in whatever Hamilton can do on the racewinning front anyway. Martin Whitmarsh for TP as he can gamble, be philosophical, and even handed with his drivers. Red Bull chassis, Mercedes Engine, and Rob Smedley as Engineer. Vodafone as title sponsor, those McLarens look incredible, Ferrari are horribly tacky and Red Bull would bully the team around.



    Steph, would you please let me add a “chief designer” choice? =P

    New team: Virgin chassis, Cosworth engines, race drivers would be Kovalainen and Glock, spare driver would be di Grassi. Team principal would be Tony Fernandes, Mike Gascoyne as cheif designer, race engineer would be Xevi Pujolar and title sponsor Virgin.

    Low-tier team: As much as I love the C29, I’d take the Williams chassis =P. Drivers would be Rubens Barrichello and Kamui Kobayashi (biased much?), Heidfeld as thrid driver. Engine would be Ferrari, obviously. Peter Sauber as team principal, Sam Michael as chief designer. Race engineer…? I don’t know of any from these teams =P AT&T as major sponsor.

    Mid-class team: Renault chassis, coupled with a Mercedes engine. Drivers would be Kubica and Sutil, with Petrov as thrid. Team principal and chief designer has to be Ross Brawn! Race engineer would be Jock Clear, and major sponsor… I think there is only Petronas to take =P

    Top team: Red Bull chassis, Vettel and Alonso for lead drivers with Hamilton as the spare. Engine would be Mercedes, team principal would be Christian Horner (just because I dislike Stefano and Whitmarsh), designer would be Newey. Rob Smedley as engineer (you don’t even have to think on this one…). Sponsors? Uhm… Vodafone maybe.



    New Teams: Basically Lotus as it is now with Glock as a driver. Team would be known as Virgin Lotus for the purposes of sexual innuendo.

    Low teams: Sauber-Ferrari headed by Frank Williams, sponsored by Burger King (for a laugh). Team would be called Team BMW-Williams-Sauber-Ferrari Racing to give us all a headache.

    Mid teams: Renault with a Mercedes engine and Rosberg as second driver, Schumacher reserve. Team would be called Franco-Prussia but colloquially known as “How the hell did two manufacturers agree to team up?” Racing

    Top teams: Red Bull-Mercedes headed by Martin Whitmarsh, Hamilton and Webber as team-mates with Massa the reserve, Rob Smedley race engineer obviously. Team would be sponsored by Philip Morris in the old white and red Malboro livery. Team would be known as Scuderia Red McLaren to annoy the tifosi.



    Good idea Steph! I had fun compiling my teams – but I wasn’t sure if you had to pick a team name from the three from each category or you were free to come up with your own. Anyway I used a made-up name for the new teams but for the rest I used existing names, although they were often jumbled together with engine supplier names.

    New teams: Lotus chassis, Cosworth engine (obviously). The drivers would be Chandhok and Glock, with Kovalainen as the reserve. The team would be called “Team Banana Racing” (see here: http://bit.ly/9Dy81p) and the team principal would be Tony Fernandes. The race engineer would be Juan Ramirez simply because I don’t know of any others from the new teams! The title sponsor would be Virgin.

    Low Teams: Williams chassis with Ferrari engine. The drivers would be Rubens for his experience and Kobayashi for his insanity with Heidfeld as the reserve. I would call the team Williams-Ferrari (that wouldn’t have worked in the early 2000s!) and Frank would be the principal. For a race engineer I would pick Andrea Landi because he is the only one I have ever heard from the three “low” teams! The title sponsor would obviously be AT&T.

    Mid Teams: Renault chassis, Renault engine. I’d employ Robert Kubica and Nico Rosberg as my drivers with Adrian Sutil as my reserve. The team would be known as Renault with Ross Brawn as team principal. Jock Clear would be the race engineer and the title sponsor would be Petronas, but I would make sure they have their logo in black across the rear wing so the car can retain its gorgeous livery.

    Top Teams: Red Bull chassis, Mercedes engine. Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso as my drivers (yes, that didn’t work in 2007 – but this is a “dream team”) with Sebastian Vettel as reserve. Obviously, the team would be called Red Bull-Mercedes and Martin Whitmarsh would be team principal. For my race engineer; none other than the great Rob Smedley and the title sponsor has to be Red Bull.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    New Teams: Tony Fernandes as team principal. Virgin as title sponsor.

    Low Teams: Kamui Kobayashi as reserve driver.

    Midfield Teams: Robert Kubica as second driver. Renault chassis. Andrew Shovlin as engineer.

    Top Teams: Jenson Button as lead driver. Mercedes engine. Chris Dyer as engineer (because everyone will take Smedley).



    New Teams: Glock-Kova as driving duo, with Klien as testing reserve. Virgin-Cosworth chassis, Tony Fernandes as team principal, Nick Wirth as head designer, Dave Greenwood as team engineer. Air Asia as title sponsor. WirthAsia-Cosworth as name.

    Low Teams: Barrichello-Kobayashi as drivers, with Heidfeld as tester. I would take the Williams chassis with the Ferrari engine. Frank Williams as team principal with James Key as head designer, who the heck will be engineer. Red Bull as a sponsor. Name: Red Bull Williams-Ferrari.

    High Mid Teams: Kubica-Rosberg, with Sutil at the tester role. Renault chassis with Mercedes engine. Ross Brawn as team principal, Bob Bell as chief designer, Jock Clear for engineer. Kingfisher as sponsor. Name will be Renault Team-Mercedes

    Top Teams: Hamilton-Vettel as drivers, Button with the testing role. Red Bull chassis with the McLaren engine. Martin Whitmarsh for team principal, Adrian Newey as designer, with Rob Smedley as race engineer. Santander sponsoring, with the team named Santander-Mercedes.



    Bring back this old topic, with use of 2011 drivers and teams:

    New Teams:

    Lotus Chassis with Renault engine. Kovelainen and Glock as my main drivers, Trulli as the reserve. Tony Fernandes as team principle. Mike Gascoyne as techinal designer, with the sponsor Virgin. The name will be Team Lotus-Virgin Renault.


    Sauber chassis with a Ferrari Engine. Buemi and Kobayashi as main drivers, and Perez as the reserve. Team principle Peter Sauber, James Key as technical designer. The sponsor will be Williams. Full name is Sauber-Williams Ferrari GP.


    Renault chassis with a Mercedes Engine. Rosberg and Schumacher as the main drivers, Heidfeld is the reserve. Team principle Ross Brawn, technical designer Bob Bell. Sponsor will be petronas, Full name will be Mercedes-Renault Petronas GP.


    A Red Bull chassis with a Mercedes engine. Hamilton and Alonso are the drivers, Button being reverse. Martin Whitmarsh fas team principle, Andrey Newey as technical designer. Marlboro sponsor, with the team name Red Bull Mercedes Marlboro

    Final Standings:

    1) Red Bull Mercedes Marlboro – 12 wins

    2) Mercedes-Renault Petronas GP – 5 wins

    3) Sauber-Williams Ferrari F1 – 2 wins

    4) Team Lotus-Virgin Renault – 0 wins



    good thinking:

    New Teams:

    Lotus Chassis with Renault engine. Kovalainen and Luizzi as my main drivers, with Trulli as the spare. Tony fernandes will run the team and Mike Gascoyne will be the technical director. With Virgin backers, it will be known as Virgin-Lotus Renault.


    Sauber Chassis with Ferrari engine. Perez and Kobayashi as my main drivers, with Barrichello as the spare. Peter Sauber will run the team and James Key will be the technical director. With Red bull backers, it will be known as Sauber-RBR Ferrari.


    Renault Chassis with Mercedes engine. Heidfeld and Rosberg as my main drivers, with Schumacher as the spare. Ross Brawn will run the team and Bob Bell will be the technical director. With Lotus backers, it will be known as Lotus-Renault Mercedes.


    Red Bull Chassis with Mercedes engine. Hamilton and Vettel as my main drivers, with Alonso as the spare. Martin Whitmarsh will run the team and Adrian Newey will be the technical director. With Santander and Vodafone backers, it will be known as Santader Red Bull-Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes.



    @ell – sorry for the similarity (practically identical), but this shows either we have little choices or we have similar ideas!

    New: Lotus, HRT and Virgin

    Low: Williams, Toro Rosso and Sauber

    Mid: Force India, Mercedes and Renault

    Top: Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren

    New teams

    Virgin Lotus-Renault

    Vitantonio Liuzzi, Heikki Kovalainen, Jarno Trulli (Reserve), Lotus chassis, Renault engine, Tony Fernandes, Mike Gascoyne, Virgin.

    Low teams

    Red Bull Sauber-Ferrari

    Sergio Perez, Kamui Kobayashi, Rubens Barrichello (Reserve), Sauber chassis, Ferrari engine, Peter Sauber, James Key, Red Bull.

    Mid teams

    Lotus Mercedes

    Paul Di Resta, Nico Rosberg, Vitaly Petrov (Reserve), Mercedes chassis, Mercedes engine, Ross Brawn, Bob Bell, Lotus.

    Top teams

    Vodafone Red Bull-Ferrari

    Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel (Reserve), Red Bull chassis, Ferrari engine, Martin Whitmarsh, Adrian Newey, Vodafone.



    no worries, not much choice to be honest

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