Your preferred 2015 driver line-ups


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    Its a little quiet on the 2015 driver front at the moment as most of the top drives (if not all) are locked in legally.

    We all how much a contract is worth in F1………. the payout price!!

    Where would you like to see drivers in 2015 (or 2016)??

    Alonso is the key, all will fall after than. I am not sure 2015 but he will leave for sure. He may end Jenson’s career as I think JB would rather leave than go to the back (Same as Webber).
    Big cash to buy him out for two years, but Honda have it!!

    Seb will leave RBR, same situation as McLaren for Lewis- a sea change, and I think Red, but can see him joining Ron Dennis as well.

    Kimi will go, and I find that sad. I respect all WDC and hate to see them struggle like Kimi, but Jules needs that spot…….. as does Nico H. I will miss his candid comments to the press- best ever!!

    For Bottas?? Sit tight mate, in a good car and in good stead- I see him, Daniel, Jules,and Nico being the new Seb, Jenson, Lewis and Alonso. There are quite a few having a go a F1 as a product not right……….. maybe…….. but young talents are not the issue!!



    Hulkenberg and Bianchi – they are flattering their cars, would like to see them in top seats like McLaren/Ferrari.
    Raikkonen and Maldonado – would like to see both of them out. Based on their half-hearted 2014 efforts neither deserve a seat, especially not a good one.
    Vettel and Hamilton – will stay put. One tough year won’t have them giving up on their current teams.
    Perez and Massa – accident prone and clumsy, only justify back-of-the grid seats.
    Button – still very good on his day, Williams might be a better home for him.
    Sutil – bad attitude and forgettable performances, doesn’t deserve a seat anywhere.
    Bottas – stock rising fast, but would be best served staying put for now.
    Van der Garde – useful mid-grid performer, Sauber looks a good fit for him
    Gutierrez and Chilton – money talks, as they say!
    Ricciardo – ain’t going anywhere!
    Kobayashi – wasting his time in poor cars, better off begging Ferrari for his GT drive back.
    Magnussen – Melbourne apart, don’t see anything that amazing. But every driver should get a 2nd season. Dropping him after 1 year will make a mockery of McLaren’s junior programme.

    But that’s only my view … and what do I know!


    Theo Parkinson

    Somewhat realistic but very unlikely:

    Mercedes: Hamilton and Rosberg
    RedBull: Ricciardo and Kvyat
    Williams: Hulkenberg and Bottas
    Ferrari: Alonso and Bianchi
    Mclaren: Vettel and Magnussen
    Force India: Perez and Vandoorne
    Lotus: Grosjean and Vergne
    Toro Rosso: Verstappen and Sainz JR
    Marussia: Marciello and Rossi
    Sauber: Kobayashi and Nasr
    Caterham: Frijns and Lynn


    Oli Peacock

    Mercedes: Hamilton and Rosberg
    RedBull: Ricciardo and Kvyat
    Williams: Hulkenberg and Bottas
    Ferrari: Grosjean and Bianchi
    Mclaren: Vettel and Alonso
    Force India: Perez and Vandoorne
    Lotus: Kobayashi and Vergne
    Toro Rosso: Da Costa and Sainz JR
    Marussia: Marciello and Rossi
    Sauber: De Silvestro and Nasr
    Caterham: Frijns and Evans



    Can’t see it happening, but I’d love to see a grid like this:

    Mercedes: Rosberg, Bottas
    Red Bull: Ricciardo, Vettel
    Ferrari: Alonso, Bianchi
    McLaren: Räikkönen, Hamilton
    Lotus: Kobayashi, Vergne
    Force India: Hülkenberg, Perez
    Williams: Button, Grosjean
    Toro Rosso: Kvyat, Da Costa
    Sauber: Kovalainen, Frijns
    Marussia: Magnussen, Vandoorne
    Caterham: Massa, Alguersuari


    Craig Woollard

    Who would I like to see? Well if you’re ignoring all current contracts then this could get interesting.

    This won’t happen but this is what I would like to happen, respecting the fact that some drivers are already confirmed:

    Mercedes: L. Hamilton/N. Rosberg
    Red Bull: D. Ricciardo/R. Grosjean
    Williams: F. Massa/K. Raikkonen
    Ferrari: F. Alonso/J. Bianchi
    McLaren: S. Vettel/V. Bottas
    Force India: N. Hulkenberg/K. Magnussen
    Toro Rosso: D. Kvyat/M. Verstappen
    Lotus: P. Maldonado/J. Palmer
    Marussia: S. Vandoorne/A. Rossi
    Sauber: S. De Silvestro/S. Sirotkin
    Caterham: C. Sainz Jr./R. Frijns

    EDIT: If I had my way I would have had J.E. Vergne instead of P. Maldonado and A. Lynn instead of M. Verstappen.



    Mercedes: Vettel/Rosberg
    Red Bull: Ricciardo/Hulkenberg
    Ferrari: Alonso/Button
    Williams: Bottas/Raikkonen
    Mclaren: Hamilton/Magnussen
    Force India: Perez/Vandoorne
    Toro Rosso: Kvyat/Vergne
    Lotus: Grosjean/Bianchi
    Marussia: Frijns/Chilton
    Sauber: Wolff/Van der garde
    Caterham: Don’t care too much really lol


    Stig Semper Fi

    Mercedes: Hamilton/Rosberg
    Red Bull: Ricciardo/Vettel
    Ferrari: Alonso/Raikkonen
    Williams: Bottas/Massa
    McLaren: Button/Magnussen
    Force India: Hulkenberg/Perez
    Toro Rosso: Kvyat/Verstappen
    Lotus: Grosjean/Vergne
    Sauber: Van der Garde/Silvestro
    Marussia: Bianchi/Vandoorne
    Caterham: Sainz Jr/Palmer
    Forza Rossa: Depends if they turn up.


    Iestyn Davies

    My preferred line-up would look something like this:

    Mercedes: Hamilton, Rosberg (di Resta)
    Red Bull: Ricciardo, Vettel (Felix da Costa)
    Ferrari: Alonso, Raikkonen (Marciello)
    Williams: Bottas, Massa (Nasr FP1s)
    McLaren: Button, Magnussen (Vandoorne FP1s)
    F.India: Hulkenberg, Perez (Juncadella FP1s)
    Renault: Grosjean, Vergne (Pic/Ocon)
    Toro Rosso: Kvyat, Verstappen (Gasly)
    Sauber: Kobayashi, Van der Garde (de Silvestro FP1s)
    Virgin: Bianchi, Palmer (Chilton)
    Infiniti: Frijns, Sainz Jr (Merhi FP1s)
    Forza Rossa: Maldonado, Gutierrez (Cecotto FP1s)
    Haas (development): Kovalainen, Rossi (Ericsson)

    I would be realistic enough in that with a lack of testing now before stepping up, Nasr, Vandoorne etc. would need FP1s for a year while Button, Massa etc. had a swansong, before big changes happened in 2016. Palmer for Chilton however is just a pay-driver step-up. Forza Rossa picking up the cash to launch, with other teams still surviving, is a total pipe-dream!



    Red Bull: Ricciardo and Vergne
    Mercedes: Hamilton and Rosberg
    Ferrari: Vettel and Alonso
    Lotus: Raikkonen and Grosjean
    McLaren: Magnussen and Button
    Force India: Hulkenberg and Perez
    Sauber: Kobayashi and de Silvestro
    Toro Rosso: Kvyat and Verstappen
    Williams: Bottas and Massa
    Caterham: Felix da Costa and van der Garde
    Marrusia: Bianchi and Rossi



    Talking some next-level Grand Prix Manager Editor-stuff:

    Mercedes: Rosberg – Hulkenberg
    Red Bull: Ricciardo – Hamilton
    Williams: Bottas – Vettel
    Ferrari: Alonso – Raikkonen
    McLaren: Magnussen – Vandoorne
    Force India: Grosjean – Perez
    Toro Rosso: Kvyatt – Sainz jr.
    Lotus: Vergne – Maldonado
    Marussia: Rossi – Palmer
    Sauber: Bianchi – Nasr
    Caterham: Canamasas – Berthon

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