Your Street Circuit Pt. 2

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    Well, I lost the other thread and do to my habit of not tagging things….

    Anyway, I wanted to restart this thread becasue this really is a lot of fun to do!

    Here is a circuit that I made just for the shape, not size or location.


    The first hairpin would be smoother and the track would be much larger.

    How to: Go on Gmap-pedometer.com and have fun!



    Here’s mine:


    (Anti-clockwise) It goes near my house, I can remember having a great circuit that i used to do on my bike, but that was mainly footpaths so I couldn’t do that here. It’s not great, I’ve just cobbled it together quickly but ‘Manning Road’ has recently been relaid with a rough surface similar to that at Silverstone…plus the tight hairpin from ‘Underbank Lane’ onto ‘Lowick Court’ is actually quite steeply downhill. The circuit isn’t viable at all because it’s far to short and narrow, but on ‘Northampton Lane South’ you can see there are two domestic lay-bys (only way I can think to describe them) whisch could be used as a pit area. If you knocked down the houses. Which my friend wouldn’t like. He lives there. Ah, never mind…

    I’ll do a sort of Spa circuit in a rural bit near my house in a minute, give me a second. ;)




    Here we go, much better. This one’s clockwise…but it’s almsot 15 miles…

    Highlights of the lap include going pretty much past where Mercedes make the engines for McLaren, Force India and Mercedes (just after 7 miles) (yes I live near here!) and crossing the Pitsofrd reservoir after a downhood left hander. The causeway itself is very wise and low so I’d love to see Formula One cars on it. After the causeway there is an even steeper hill upwards into Holcot where there is a very tight right hander at the war memorial to get to a very bumpy and hillocked road back towards Moulton (my home village) before flicking right at very high speed down a very steep hill past a large horse paddock, back to the start line in Pitsford. This would be EPIC.



    Its not a street circuit, but I edited and played around with alot of F1 onboard laps to create two new circuits which nearly connect together. Here is the link to the two circuits I made:



    Let me know what you think


    Ned Flanders

    What I would love to see is a race on the brilliant Newcastle- Gateshead quayside. I’m biased being a local, admittedly, but it would be a pretty impressive setting. This picture gives you an idea if you’re not familiar with Newcastle: http://www.photogalaxy.com/pic/thomasablackmore-11/millenium_bridge_over_the_tyne.jpg

    And here is a video someone (not me) has made of this potential circuit: http://bit.ly/dGRlZg



    Well here is my route and again it goes straight past my house!




    And if there were to be a london gp this is the route i would take



    Prisoner Monkeys

    If Rome absolutely has to have a race, then this should be the circuit:


    Or, as a slight alternative, this:


    And here is a video someone (not me) has made of this potential circuit

    This is the best I could do by it, Ned:



    Stephen Jones

    this is one i thought of when i was on holidays last year.. Queenstown NZ


    this is my Tokyo Bay Street Track:


    this is an Athens Street Track:



    This is mine, my home town with an elevation chart to show how hilly it would be! I reckon there’d be a jump or two!


    The section by number 1 would have to be the pit straight, the other side of the dual carriage way could be used.

    At point number 5, there is a narrow steep downhill, fast sweeping right over a crest into a sharp left then right in between two steep, brick embankments!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’m a member of the GT Planet forums. This is something the user “Muppetmad” came up with in the Gran Turismo 5 course creator:

    It’s probably the best that I’ve seen from the users.

    Another user, Rossticles, made this one:


    And s2k2k3 made this one:


    I’d be happy if any of those were built in real life.


    Ned Flanders

    Cheers PM… the only major change it would need is crossing the Tyne Bridge instead of one of the others. We need more figure of 8 circuits in F1, that’s for sure!



    My version of Bayfront Park, it would be more suitable for Indy cars but it would be fun to watch F1 here as well. We could have Water Way Grandstands and the park would be General Access, plus the view is quite amazing! 18 turns, its kinda like Monaco, a slow winding section, and then a super fast section. Finding a setup here would be very hard, but I could see this having a huge turn up, and it would be an amazing circuit to watch!





    Well since I cant edit, I’m just going to post an updated version of my bayfront Park Circuit! It now has 24 Turns and is Even faster, but also slower… Much more tecchnical and more overtaking oppurtunities!


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