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    Younger Hamii

    Long/Short, Fast/Slow, Flowing/Interesting/Unique Street/Open/Temporary – The ultimate racing circuit from your imagination. Cheers!!



    Easy, a circuit through the heart of London that is as fast as Silverstone, as demanding as Spa, as exciting as Montreal and combines some of the best bits of all tracks, so it will have a turn 8 style corner from Istanbul, a crossover and a 130r from Suzuka, a tunnel like in Monaco, replica Lesmos from Monza, an Eau Rouge, a Pouhon and a Blanchimont from Spa, the Schumi S from Nurburging, Juncao from Interlagos, Abbey and Bridge from Silverstone, turns 7,8 and 14 from Sepang, the banked corner from Shanghai, the support pit straight and turns 4, 5 and from Korea, 13 and 14 from India, the track under the stand, the lighting and the Singapore Flier from Singapore, the wall of champions and pits of Montreal, Valencia’s bridge mini straight and Melbourne’s turn 11 and 12 and lake. :D

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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