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2014-2015 Formula E calendar

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    That’s more like it.



    These designs remind me of various half-hearted street circuits we’ve seen in series like A1GP..


    Iestyn Davies

    @ajokay I thought similar.. but the two cities that have been proposed are both in North America (unless they count Mexico City in that).


    Keith Collantine

    Formula E have revealed another of its circuits and this time it’s one F1 cars have on before – albeit a very long time ago.

    The Californian round will be held at Long Beach on an abridged version of the IndyCar track, which of course in turn shares some corner with the track F1 used from 1976 to 1983. Here’s the layout:

    Long Beach Formula E circuit



    Hmmm…. going to Long Beach and Monaco makes it almost feel like a reconditioned AVUS should host the Berlin round instead of a track at Tempelhof airport.

    I quickly designed a Formula e AVUS and isn’t too crazy or bad.

    It would require some autobahn armco to be removed to allow the chicane from one lane to the other but seeing that grandstand reconditioned and filled with fans would be worth it.

    Have the track run clockwise (the opposite way AVUS was run), with the start line after the final chicane and just before the nordkurve with the old pit exit being the pit entrance.

    The old pit lane could be turned back into a pit lane from a carpark with a grandstand lining the outside of the nordkurve.


    Iestyn Davies

    Nice to have Long Beach.. another race that fits in with the race at another series.

    It would be nice to have AVUS.. I imagine that it’s probably cheaper just to lay a track at the abandoned airport, than reconfigure AVUS back into a race track, after they took that option away sadly.



    Moscow has been added to the FE calender bringing the total races back up to 10 again. Here’s the circuit.



    Circuit looks a bit.. meh, like most tracks. The pit entrance looks a little dangerous, that’s just an accident waiting to happen.

    But thank goodness it’s not in Sochi…



    Wow the track is right by the Kremlin and Red Square! Very cool


    Iestyn Davies

    Yes, the point was made in the Round-up? that Bernie will be jealous, as he’s wanted a race like that for years. FE/Agag must be doing something right if they can secure this despite the rouble halving in value in the last 8 months. Maybe no huge sanctioning fee? :P

    Good to have the calendar up to 10 races, although I thought they were going to run a double in London if they didn’t get a 10th round. The circuit looks OK to me, with the double hairpin ending quite interesting. Moscow is a good name to have for the series, really boosting its European profile – London, Monaco, Berlin, Moscow.

    Looking at the AVUS map above ^, it looks like Tempelhof will use the outside ring road and then the central runway (probably with pits attached?). The outer part looks like it would be good for circuit use.


    Keith Collantine

    Details of the Battersea Park circuit which will host the British round of the Formula E circuit have been confirmed following approval from Wandsworth Council. Here’s a look at the track:

    Battersea Park London Formula E circuit, 2015

    The final event of the season will now be a double-header, pushing the calendar up to 11 races:

    Round 1 Beijing, China, September 13th 2014
    Round 2 Putrajaya, Malaysia, November 22nd 2014
    Round 3 Punta del Este, Uruguay, December 13th 2014
    Round 4 Bueno Aires, Argentina, January 10th 2015
    Round 5 Miami, USA, March 14th 2015
    Round 6 Long Beach, USA, April 4th 2015
    Round 7 Monaco, Monaco, May 9th 2015
    Round 8 Berlin, Germany, May 23rd 2015
    Round 9 Moscow, Russia, June 6th 2015
    Round 10 London, UK June 27th 2015
    Round 11 London, UK June 28th 2015

    I’m not sure adding races to a season after it has begun is a good thing, but if it’s just a one-off for their first season then fair enough.

    The track looks like one of the better efforts for Formula E but it’s disappointing to see how many chicanes have sprung up compared to the original sketches which looked much more flowing.



    Assuming T10,11 has been added to slow the cars down before they hit the pits, I can sort of understand it but at the same time I wish it wasn’t there, it feels a little unnecessary. I’m almost certain they didn’t need to add the T8,9 chincane though. Still as you say, it is one of the better efforts. Argentina has probably had the best circuit for me so far.


    David Not Coulthard

    Better than any tilkedromes from the looks of it.

    Was going to say it’s quite good but then realised that I thought that only because of how the Tilkedromes have been.


    Iestyn Davies

    F1 has double points at the last round, FE has double racing… what’s not to like! Now I realise that I’d been thinking they would go clockwise around the park this whole time.

    All the chicanes I imagine are to stop it being near top speed most of the lap and to slow cars down in the event of lack of run-off/barriers all around. Long Beach is refreshing in that they have cut the extra part, and only have one chicane, which is actually located in a decent position.



    The Berlin circuit has been unveiled and I have to say it looks quite interesting. Whilst the back end looks a little tight and twisty, the rest of it looks pretty nice to be honest.

    Also, it’s different from the other circuits as it’s actually not technically a street circuit, but rather based on a former airfield. Looking at the area it’s being put in it actually is a very small circuit, so fans may have the chance to really see a lot of the circuit. I do wonder how they are going to go about marking out the circuit. I assume temporary walls like on street circuits. Should be interesting.

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