Formula 3.5 V8

2013 FR3.5 Round 9: Circuit de Catalunya


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    @wsrgo I think I had the seasons mixed up, then! He’s having a very good run now, even if he is going to finish 5th in the standings again, I think he should be able to move up, he’ll be 19 at the start of next season. I haven’t heard McLaren speak as openly on his future as on Magnussen’s or Vandoorne.

    Race 2 results:

    1 Kevin Magnussen (DAMS) 29 laps in 45:52.547
    2 Stoffel Vandoorne (Fortec Motorsports) +8.962
    3 Will Stevens (P1 by Strakka Racing) +12.097
    4 Nico Muller (International Draco Racing) +20.437
    5 Norman Nato (DAMS) +22.274
    6 Carlos Sainz, Jr. (Zeta Corse) +23.171
    7 Marco Sorensen (Lotus) +23.515
    8 Nigel Melker (Tech 1 Racing) +31.579
    9 Marlon Stockinger (Lotus) +32.027
    10 Oliver Webb (Fortec Motorsports) +32.649

    Great move by Vandoorne on Pic, but otherwise a somewhat calm race. Sirotkin retired again, this time with damage to his front wing, again while looking good for the race. Da Costa finished outside of the points, some people on Twitter mentioned he had car troubles in Qualifying and figured it remained so in the race.

    Final standings:

    1 Kevin Magnussen 274
    2 Stoffel Vandoorne 214
    3 António Félix da Costa 172
    4 Will Stevens 148
    5 Nico Müller 143
    6 Nigel Melker 136
    7 Marco Sørensen 113
    8 Arthur Pic 74
    9 Sergey Sirotkin 61
    10 André Negrão 51


    Iestyn Davies

    Ahh good old commentators curse. Managed to catch race one, just realised I can get the channel on SkyGo – it was hidden under sky sports F1. Oh how I have missed out, lol. It would be great if they could have live coverage – 1 hr or 1 hr 15 would do it well. Sirotkin did look good, I can see why he is rated now firsthand. Shame about the start pileup. Stevens did well and showed why he’s been picked up by the Caterham driver programme.

    I wondered if de Vries was going through the teen to adult yips earlier this season. Perhaps now it is out of the way. He could look to dominate next year, along with Jake Dennis. Oliver Rowland did that this year with a third FR2.0 season when he could have moved up to F3 level. But I reckon McLaren are telling them not to rush, as they have to find space for Magnussen and Vandoorne in F1 first, yet alone Rowland, de Vries or Dennis.

    I do hope Max Verstappen does FR2.0 next year and does well. I’m sure his dad could set him up a good route through the open wheel ladder? If the youngest Karting World Champion ever can’t do well, then who can?! Also, lovely quip about the bankers! Always important in motor racing! Both kinds!



    I wondered if de Vries was going through the teen to adult yips earlier this season.

    Could be, considering it’s only his second year in cars. But since he scored 113 of the in total 120 points that Koiranen scored this year, it is possible there had been a problem with the car or the team early this season.

    About Verstappen: don’t worry, he’ll be in FR2.0 next year. Question is what team.

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