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2014 Formula Renault 3.5 calendar

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    Keith Collantine

    Largely similar to this year’s but Catalunya is replaced with Jerez so one fewer F1 venue.

    And no sign of Silverstone returning, sadly. It would have made a great support race to WEC on April 18-20.

    12-13 April: Monza
    26-27 April: Motorland Aragon, Spain
    24-25 May: Monaco Formula One Grand Prix
    31 May-1 June: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
    28-29 June: Moscow Raceway, Russia
    12-13 July: Nurburgring, Germany
    13-14 September: Hungaroring, Hungary
    27-28 September: Circuit Paul Ricard, France
    18-19 October: Circuito de Jerez, Spain



    At least Monaco’s still there!

    Strange that they decided not to have a race in the UK though (Silverstone, Brands Hatch…), you would think it’s a good market for Renault and surely spectator numbers would be high. Ah well.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I don’t think one less Formula 1 venue is a bad thing. One of the things a rookie driver has to contend with in Formula 1 is s string of races early in the season that they have never driven. Racing on circuits that drivers may be experiencing for the first time is an important skill for new drivers. And I think thus calendar has the balance just right.



    Good to see Nurburgring back.
    @keithcollantine On the official page, there was a star marked beside Monza, saying ‘awaiting confirmation by FIA’ or something like that. I didn’t know WSR ran on FIA terms?



    @wsrgo I think I heard the Eurosport announcer mention the Megane Trophy was not returning for 2014 because the FIA Homologation had expired. The FIA could probably have a role in circuit safety then too.

    Zandvoort has recently lost DTM; I hope they remind Renault of the successes they’ve had with national Megane and Clio cups here and get a weekend in for 2015.



    @npf1 That’s a shame..hope Monza retains its spot o the WSR calendar.
    I really enjoyed watching Meganes, it has produced two winners in the past two years..two people who I believe should have made it into F1: Albert Costa and Mirko Bortolotti.
    It’s also sad to see DTM losing its Zandvoort round. I’m not sure if Renault are planning to go there. At least, the F3 Masters will continue to be held there.


    Euro Brun

    I was also a bit disappointed at the lack of a British round again, specifically after the quote:
    “We’ve put together a calendar that offers plenty of variety and is structured around Formula 1 circuits and key markets for the Renault brand”.
    So even based purely on branding alone, two Spanish races trumps one British race?
    I’ll never understand marketing. lol


    Iestyn Davies

    I’m sure Albert Costa would be involved in an EPIC racing F1 team, but they never got the chance during the last round of selections, curiously after the economic downturn and one year after the new regulations were introduced. Maybe a missed opportunity there, and again with new regs for next year. New regs give a good lead in time of 1.5 years to set up and start running a new F1 team, and all the complexities involved in that. Maybe Bortolotti would be in with a chance at the old Minardi?

    I guess Renault just take what they can get, for tracks, considering tickets are free and the series is just an advertising spend if I remember correctly? I do think it is the series more like the junior ladder of the past, with GP2/3 being the corporate modern version.


    Euro Brun

    Just to prove how little i know about marketing, this autosport article basically says that Renault Uk can’t afford a FR3.5 race, despite being a subsidy of Renault!


    Iestyn Davies

    Apparently Renault UK just backed Goodwood instead. Yeah it is a bit strange, but I guess they are like separate companies, and Renault can’t just parachute them some money to host a round in the UK either.

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