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Formula Renault 3.5 – Round 9 (Circuit de Catalunya)

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    I think I’m missing something here. Da Costa’s results in the other ‘lower leagues’ aren’t exactly all that great. Mitch Evans and Daniel Abt both outclassed him in GP3, and they’re both younger and have less experience than the Portuguese.

    What’s so special about him? He seems to have dominated the second half of the FR3.5 season, but if anything that should indicate that the quality of the drivers in this series is lower than in GP3/2.



    Congratulations for Frijns for winning the title (not the best way, but he deserves it), but Félix da Costa is just fantastic! I’m amazed at what he can do! When he gets to Formula One, he will be brilliant! Those guys at Red Bull must worship him!



    @pamphlet I think the thing is, when Felix da Costa signed the Red Bull contract, he no longer had to worry about sponsors and money. He is since July much more relaxed, hence why this increase in performance.

    And no, the quality of the drivers in FR 3.5 isn’t lower than in GP2/3. Bianchi, Frijns, Bird, Magnussen and others are either as good as or better than Evans and Abt.



    @joao-pedro-cq – Sounds about right, thanks for the explanation.

    Is he really that much better than Ricciardo though? Even with how much he’s being praised it seems like he’s going to have a hard time entering F1, even via Toro Rosso.



    @pamphlet I don’t think we can compare him with Ricciardo yet. They’ve never raced against each other, and it’s hard to compare drivers like that. I think everyone has a hard time when entering F1, and AFC will be no exception.


    Keith Collantine

    Video of the collision here:

    To me it looked like Frijns was caught in two minds between attacking Bianchi to get the place back and trying to keep Magnussen behind. He would surely have known that losing another place to Magnussen would have put Bianchi in the lead of the championship.

    I think that was a mistake born out of desperation rather than purely a cynical attempt to take Bianchi out. Not sure Bianchi will see it that way, though…



    Whilst the incident is a poor way to decide a title, the commentary on that video is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.



    Can’t beat them, take them out. Stupid move by Frijns, nevertheless he still deserves the title. But he’ll need to sort that out, we don’t need more crash kids coming into F1.



    That French second commentator’s way better than the English Eurosport guy (not Martin Haven, the other one) – what an annoying whiney voice, and if I had a £ for each time he said “interestingly enough”…

    It’ll be fascinating what happens now with these drivers and F1 teams. It wasn’t a desperate or petulant move like we’ve often seen in GP2, and I’d still take a driver who’s raced all year like these guys, over someone like Bottas who hasn’t. But my name’s not Monisha Kaltenborn or Frank Williams.

    Frijns’ next challenge will be to try and impress everyone at Sauber. I understand he wins a Red Bull test as well. That could also be in the Abu Dhabi young drivers’ test, so if Gutiérrez is out in the Sauber at the same time, at least Frijns can slow him down…

    With da Costa finishing so strongly, it could be a nervous time for Ricciardo and Vergne too, until Toro Rosso confirm their 2013 line-up. Until then, they’ll be making sure they don’t upset Helmut Marko.



    @bullfrog – I think Ricciardo and Vergne will at least start 2013- no STR driver has been dropped before the start of their second season. However, there is a big risk that the lesser of them could be dropped about midway through 2013 to make way for the next driver on the Red Bull conveyor belt.



    Apparently, 25s penalty for Frijns, so championship is secured for him.

    Dutch presenter Olav Mol tweeted that apparently Bianchi wants to take Frijns to court over the incident. I think he really did put a lot of pressure on himself to take this championship, with his F1 career in mind. Still, seems a bit dramatic, doesn’t it?


    Keith Collantine

    @Ral Is that what he said here?



    @keithcollantine Yup. Literally translated:

    “Jules Bianchi wants to go to court over the shunt from Frijns. Race stewards have given him a 25 second penalty. He is now champion.”




    I’m kind of finding it hard to stay entertained, since I don’t know anything about the drivers and whatnot. Am I the only one who feels that way?

    Absolutely not. I feel the same. There’s just not as much emotion behind a race if you don’t know anything about the drivers.

    About Frijns winning the championship the way he did. I don’t care TBH. If anything, I’m happy Robin is the one who won. He has a lot more potential than Bianchi IMO. He’s much younger and already has accomplished more in junior formula.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    What possible charge could Bianchi take Frijns to court over?

    Honestly, that’s only going to hurt Bianchi’s career more than Frijns’. Nobody is going to want a driver who sues the instant something doesn’t go his way. It happened to Andy Soucek (though he took action against a team, not a driver).

    The only way this makes any sense to me is if Ferrari promised to place Bianchi at a team like Sauber on the condition that he won the title, but he also knew the team was considering Frijns. Even then, going to court makes him look like a sore loser.

    It was a little questionable, but I think Frijns was caught between Bianchi and defending against Magnussen, and made his move too late. It was his fault, but the penalty handed down by the stewards was just.

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