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Chris Gilmour breaks Bathurst lap record

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    Keith Collantine

    Mount Panorama in Bathurst is synonymous with the Aussie V8 supercar 1000km race.

    But the lap record at the track has fallen to a single-seater driver: Chris Gilmour, driving in the first Formula Three race at the track.

    Here’s an onboard view of Gilmour’s 2’04.6187 tour up and down the mountain:

    More details here:



    Was this the first time ever there was an open wheeler race at the mountain?

    I also wonder how fast an F1 would be if they really push it. I reckon something about 1:34-1:37.



    Jenson did it in 1.48 in a 2008 McLaren last year but was clearly not going at 100% of what he could have been.



    Yeah, he was almost cruising and I don’t believe that time anyways, it just happens to be 1:48.88, in an event with team ‘888’…

    I can manage 1:36.5 with an MP4/20 with keyboard in rFactor and I’m hardly a talented driver.



    That was pretty epic across the top of the mountain. He kept his foot in for a long time there.



    I like this onboard better.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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