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Video: Drivers unhurt in nose-to-nose crash

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    Keith Collantine

    I’ve been catching up with the F3 European championship and just saw this crash from the most recent race which the drivers were fortunate to avoid injury in.

    Jann Mardenborough spun at the start and was facing oncoming traffic. He was then hit by the unsighted car of Mans Grenhagen, who was then hit from behind by Dennis van de Laar:

    It’s always worrying to see nose-to-nose contact but the F3 chassis obviously stood up well:

    Felix Rosenqvist completed a hat-trick of wins at the Red Bull Ring and is now 27.5 points behind championship leader Raffaela Marciello. The 30-race season is at its halfway point.



    Reminded me of Schumacher-Liuzzi crash at Abu Dhabi 2010



    Those high kerbs are a menace, hate them.


    Must be the worst sight for a driver, to have the car ahead suddenly lurch out of the way of a hazard, leaving you no time to react to avoid hitting the stationary car yourself.



    Nasty crash, glad the nosecones stood up to it. As @george says, there really is no need for those high curbs. Just put sodding grass there, or something. quite why they fill these race circuits with such dangerous obstacles such as that I can’t fathom. get rid of the curb, just have grass.



    These commentators are almost monotone despite the absolute chaos erupting in front of their eyes! It’s like one of those British movies where there are explosions all over while the commander is sipping tea and asking for more cream:-)

    Compare that to Leigh Diffey on NBC and Webber’s flying tyre incident. I was making a pitstop of my own at the time when I heard Diffey screaming about things flying and Matchett and Hobbs joining the choir. I came storming out of the bathroom to see what had happened:-)

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