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Video: Pipo Derani misses chequered flag and crashes

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    Keith Collantine

    I’ve been catching up on this year’s British F3 races so I’ve only just seen this nasty crash Pipo Derani suffered at Monza last month:

    The fifth round of the year was held in dreadful conditions and the race started behind the safety car.

    Derani was scrapping with team mate Alex Lynn and had passed him at the Rettifilio chicane, but Lynn cut the corner and stayed ahead.

    Visibility was so poor and Derani was so preoccupied trying to pass Lynn it seems he did not notice the chequered flag coming out. He slammed into the back of Lynn at the Curva Grande and was launched into the air – thankfully he was unhurt.



    Whoops! All I’ll say is the he’ll never do that again!



    The topic name reminded me of this comical chequered flag blunder, incidentally from Monaco.

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