Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

Arrival time on Sunday – Bronze tickets

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    paul vinter

    Hey there – first post on the site and it’s great to meet you all, as it were.

    I have been lucky enough to have been given surprise Spa Bronze tickets by my sister and best friend for the upcoming 2012 Grand Prix. What a surprise! We are all going on an arranged bus tour which allows us to stay in a hotel in Brussels each day.

    A question for those who have been to Spa previously as my experience is only of Donington in 1993 and Silverstone in 2009.

    As we leave Brussels at 6.45am on race day I suspect we will not arrive at the track ate until around 9am. Needless to say if I was to camp nearby for the Saturday night I know I could take 3 seats and guarantee the perfect spot, however I would like honest opinions on what spots we could possibly get around the track if we were to arrive around 9am. I have read some posts elsewhere that it could well be possible to get some good spots at that time, and that some people move around the track during the race. Also the operator has been doing this for 20 years and believes that those with bronze tickets still get good views of the race.

    No doubt you real fans know I should be there for 7am, and if required I will be happy to camp by myself on Saturday and grab those spots, but the ideal would be to stay with those that bought me such a wonderful birthday gift as much as possible over the weekend. I guess I am trying to have my cake and eat it!

    Thanks for your help and insight.




    Hi Paul
    I would say enjoy your hotel and luxury coach travel and go for the 9am arrivel.

    We sat in pouhon last year nad people where still arriving at 10am onwards and they got places to watch from.

    Do remember to bring chairs and i recommend a shovel as some places you need to dig your pitch out to make for a safe place to put your chair.

    The last corner im not sure if this is the bus stop but you will not get there is a steep bank and people hid out in the trees over night to get a spot and obviously eau rouge they do the same but everywhere else you should be fine.

    I have only been once and its a great place and race but i would go for comfort on the saturday night



    paul vinter


    Thanks very much for your clear and informed advice which is what I was hoping to hear. I can put the camping money into a Fanvision TV instead and we will all be set.

    Best wishes, and thanks again.



    Ciaran O'Toole

    I’m going to Spa in 2013 and I have GA. Please could you tell me where I could sit as I will not be there on Race Day before 9 am



    The Kemmel Straight is a no go. It becomes crowded VERY quickly. But around Pouhon its not too bad, as there are plenty of hillsides to sit on. But as @toni say, bring chairs and small shovel. Otherwise you will have to sit either on a wet rock up your bottom, or on a chair very close to tumbling down the hill.
    And warm warm clothes. Nothing is too much! It can be hot, but at times it can also feel like you are in a freezer. I was there in 2010, and I nearly froze to death. Although I hadn’t eaten much, as I found the food on site absolutely disgusting, and I was tired to death after being awake for like 24hours straight as we reached Saturday. So that probably made it worse then it actually was. But my point is, warm and waterproof clothing is essential if you want to have a really good time at Spa.

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