Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

Going to the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

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    Dean Harris

    Hi Andrew Wadderburn-Maxwell
    Nice to see another Durbanite is ganna be there. Enjoy!




    We are camping at the Elephant as well. There is a great little pub close by (approx 5 min walk) from the site. Come say hello, (listen for chants of SENNA BOYS! & look for the 3 handsome gents decked out in full Senna Gear). We’ll be in the pub every night & we get a wonderful crowd from all over the world having a great time. Cheers!



    That’s great news @sennaboy3. We’ll be arriving on Thursday afternoon. Can’t wait!



    Hi Guys,

    First time going to a Grand Prix, so excited! I was wondering if anyone has/is staying at Parc Des Source? It’s just on the edge of the town of Spa and I’m staying there from Thursday to Monday. I was told there would be a minibus to and from the track but another forum member has said there was only a bus on saturday and sunday. Could anyone verify this? I was also wondering if there is a way to get to and from the track via Spa town or would I have to go all the way to Verviers and get the bus?


    Neill Martin

    Hi guys our group got caught up in the ticket problems with TTE and we ordered a second set of tickets via the spa website, both sets of tickets then arrived at the same time with no warning and we have now been told we cannot get a refund on the second set purchased from spa, so if anyone is after tickets for silver one friday-sunday let me know we have four



    Has anyone ever bought GA tickets from the gates on Saturday morning? Is that a bit risky or do they never run out?



    Right, does anyone know where the buses leave from in Verviers for Spa. I know what numbers to get, but have no idea where they leave from.

    I’m staying at the Elephant all by my lonesome so I’ll be on the lookout for some F1Fanatics to share some drinks with! I am hoping to be arriving around mid day. I’ll be travelling from Brussels that morning having stayed there the night before. I’m really looking forward to it and I don’t car if it rains all weekend. It will just add to the experience… I hope! haha. I’m hoping to be set up in time for the pitlane walk around 4.



    Hi Nick.UK…..as SennyBoy3 said to the_narv there will be around 20 of us at the Elephant from all over the world so look out for them or ask Michael for Carol and come say hello and have a beer or six! Most of us arrive WEds so we’ll be around!
    Can’t wait now…our 6th trip and its become and annual highlight!



    @Ino- no problems you can buy a GA ticket at any time and no they don’t run out! Have a great time!



    @siberianlady Thank you very much! Just organising a last-minute trip and it seems to be cheaper to buy there!


    John S

    Another one going to Spa for the first time and staying at the Elephant. I have a couple of questions, tho. Is there a cashpoint close to the campsite? If not would it be best to get all the euros we need in advance? Also, we opted for the electricity hookup, and on the instructions it suggests bringing a 50m extension. Are we really likely to need one that long, or could we get away with a 30m one?

    Really looking forward to it!



    Quick question. Does anyone know if the entrances restrict access to bronze ticket holders? We’ll be approaching at the Eau Rouge end and have heard that they won’t let bronze ticket holders in there. Don’t really fancy walking all the way round the circuit!


    Keith Brown

    Hey folks, first time poster, long time lurker ;-)

    Heading to Spa on Thurs, Sat & Sun. I’ll be driving down from Brussels (4 of us in GA). Few questions for the experienced folks (I’ve read thread here so thanks for some answers already):

    1. Where to park on the Thurs? We have parking tickets for Sat (yellow) & Sun (green) but no idea for Thurs.
    2. Is there also a specific entrance we go to for the pit walk?
    3. How far are the carparks away?
    4. We’re hoping to explore Sat for practice/quali so will try Eau Rouge, Kemmel & Les Combes but Pouhon on Sun. How far from the car parking/which entrances should we use for ease of access?
    5. Will Schumi get a dream 300th?

    Cheers in advance



    For those with General admission tickets, do you get access to grandstands for Friday practice? I’m sure i read it somewhere but can’t remember now.


    Ben Weaver

    I was a little disappointed to hear that my Gold weekend tickets only allow me to sit in my particular gold stand seats for the whole weekend. At Silverstone I had the same level tickets and you can go into any stand you like and watch FP and Quali and your seat is reserved for the Sunday…..
    Just means I will have to go to Bronze or Silver stands to see anything other than the view from my seats.

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