Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

Going to the 2013 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

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    ross bell

    Here is my plan for next year flight from Edinburgh to Brussels, then a train from Brussels to Vervier, then a bus to francorchamps. Camping at the elephant and getting general admission tickets. Trying to do it on a budget!



    @ross bell Thank you. Too bad it isn’t a week apart from Monza would have really liked to do both of them.



    I’m going for the first time and can’t wait. Any tips for a newbie?


    Ryan Williams

    @fandangio Take decent footwear for walking in and plenty of wet-weather gear!


    Jamie Penswick

    Spa will be my first GP after my girlfriend got us tickets for Christmas. We’re thinking of having a weeks holiday in Brussels and hiring a car to get around whilst in Belguim and using it to get to the track for Practice, Qualy and Race day. If any one has any tips for driving to the circuit, such as what it’s like for parking, what time should we try and get there for etc. I’d really appreciate it.

    Can not wait to get there! Been threatening to visit a European GP for a few years now, bring on August 2013!




    Me and a friend are staying at a youth hostel in Malmedy, reasonably close to the circuit, but looks like not quite close enough to be able to walk to the circuit (We are both cursed with torn knee ligaments!). I’ve tried searching on the internet but the Belgian travel authorities don’t seem to publish quite as much information on buses as I need. Has anyone travelled from Bevercé to Spa and can recommend which buses to take? Anything that could get us within about half a mile of the circuit should be sufficient.




    Hi Jamie,
    Spa is really great, we went to the GP in 2011, and we will be there in 2013 (grandstand Gold8 again)
    Like many other tracks the best way is by car. If you have GA, it’s best to get there really early (I think it opens by 8am), to get the best “seats”). If you have a grandstand, you can get there later. Parking is easy as you can buy a parking ticket along with the F1-ticket. Leaving the track on sunday will take a while (it took us 1,5hours to get to the highway).
    Remember: it can be rainy and cold.
    cheers, JP



    Also, has anyone booked through bookf1.com? Cheaper, but we’d like to know if it’s reputable before we book!


    Jamie Penswick

    Thanks JP. We’ve managed to get a hotel from the Thursday through till Sunday that is only half an hour away (non-race day) and to the South. I’m hoping that most of the traffic in and out will be towards Liege and Brussels so it might be a little easier heading to and from where we are staying but I guess it’s all part of the experience! Already saving up for a different GP in 2014!



    jagolevert, local travel authorities don’t publish much info on buses primarily because there are almost no ones. I could only remember Route 395 that may suit your needs. It runs reliably each 2 hours and can bring you from the center of Malmedy directly to Combes/Kemmel or Ster entry (ask driver to stop near chosen one). But you will still need to find a way from Beverce to Malmedy center. When the weather is good it may be a pleasure to walk about 1.5 miles by foot (very beautiful places there, really!), but when the weather is good in Ardennes?:)) Other guests in your or in nearby hotels are likely with a car. Sure they will help you with pleasure.

    For local buses timetables you may consult http://www.infotec.be , but don’t expect a lot.:)

    What’s your grandstand/GA? Are you going there for all 3 days?


    Damian Scully

    Looking to go to Spa for the first time this year. There will be 4/5 of us and will be camping. I have read lots of different comments about camping but I am still a little confused, wonder if anyone can offer suggestions?

    Basically we want to be near the track but don’t mind it being a walk away
    It would be good to have reasonably clean/tidy showers and toilets
    Would like it to have on-site bar/band or if not be near to somewhere that does?

    Are the above reasonable requests? I appreciate on an F1 weekend everywhere will be bursting at the seams, but we don’t want to be staying anywhere where everyone is using the local vegetation for a toilet or dumping ground for rubbish!



    Simon Longster

    jagolevert, used BookF1 last year to buy 10 grandstand tickets for Monza. Didn’t have any problems at all.


    Damian Scully

    Anyone have contact details/website for elephant campsite?



    Going to visit a Formula 1 race for the first time in my life, about time! Now I’m going there with my dad who’s been to Spa about a year or ten ago. We’re going to get the Bronze tickets and I’m wondering what the best place would be to watch the race? The Kemmel straight, Pouhon, Blanchimont and Les Fagnes are accessible with Bronze tickets. Perhaps someone who’s been to the race before can help me out!



    Hi,could anyone confirm the dates for spa, as one website says the 25th August and one says the 1st September?

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