Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

Going to the 2013 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

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    Few more days!!! Can’t wait




    I have a spare 3 day GA ticket. Can courier it to you or meet you at the circuit if there isn’t enough time. If anyone’s interested let me know.



    Tim Edwards

    8 of us are going down in 2 cars for the full weekend but I slipped up and left it too late booking the yellow car parking. I emailed the office and they said I can get them no problem on the day. What is everyones experience of doing this? Is there enough parking or am I screwed?



    Flying to Belgium on wednesday, there for 5 day, so excited!

    @TimEdwards we forgot about parking and we are in Gold 1 and realized we were in the yellow parking as well. We booked the tickets about a week ago and are picking them up at the circuit. So we are in the same boat as you, but i think there will be enough spaces, maybe its first come first served for the parking spaces, i’m not sure. Its our first time in belgium. Have a good time!


    Tim Edwards

    Same for us, cant wait! Looking like sun as well!



    Same here @timpey regarding the car park. Hopefully I can buy them on Thursday with no problems.



    I didn’t have parking last year and parked right of the exit where some farmer was renting out his field for 5 euro per car. A lot of people were even camping next to their car. It was about a 10 minute walk to the track. I’ll try to do the same thing this year.


    Andrew clough

    Help!! Going to spa this year, but struggling to find bus times. Getting train from brussels to Verviers then a bus from Verviers to spa, does anyone know when the bus service stops as wont get in to Verviers til 8:30pm. Also what time is the earliest bus in the morning. Hope someone can help, don’t want to pay for a taxi!



    Hi All!
    Which pre-paid sim card is best for data only (iPad) ?

    I need cca 750 MB – 1 Gb for friday – monday

    Thx for answer



    Not long to go now! Setting off from Leeds at 05:00 on Friday, aiming to be at the campsite in Spa 12 hours later. Driving to Folkestone and getting the Eurotunnel, the fuel bill should be fun on a 1998 Jaguar XJR, looking like a 1000 mile round trip.

    It is my first ever visit to Spa and the first time I will be driving abroad. Does anyone know what time the track opens on Saturday and Sunday? We have GA tickets which we need to collect on Saturday, not sure where to sit on Sunday. It’s a toss up between Kemmel Straight and Pouhon.


    Mark O’Donnell

    I think its 7am.

    Kemmel Straight is ok, but the track rises up above the walkway down towards Les Combes so you can’t see a huge amount the further up the straight you go. Just make sure with GA you get to the gates early. We got to the gate a 0630 and there were queues on Sunday.

    There is a great little spot in front of the lodge/villa/chateux at the top of Eau Rouge but you will need to be there early doors for that.



    Hi Everybody

    My first ever time on a forum so i am sorry if this has already been covered here.

    A few of us are so excited to finally make it to a GP other than Silverstone. I am counting the hours for our road trip from Newcastle to start.

    We are camping at the Elephant in Ster and looking around the forums there is not much going on in the village. I am just wondering if any body could make some recommendations on where to go for a few lively beers after the track events have finished. Or is there a British fanclub recommended Bar that anyone knows of?

    Think we will try and sit at Pouhen if we are lucky.

    I hope everyone has a good weekend :)

    Cheers Cara



    Hi CaraWatson82,

    You can try the Green Camping near Combes corner, just walk around and enjoy the “lively” atmosphere from the British, German, Dutch and Danish fans (sorry if I forgot some others countries that are often represented as well).

    In the small villages is not that much of entertainment although in front of the http://www.francorchamps-racing-hotel.be/en/home-29.php you can drink some beers with other fans.

    Enjoy your stay


    Ben Needham

    Going with my Dad and brother this year. First foreign race (was at Silverstone in 2000 and 2008). Really looking forward to it. Travelling on Thursday and hoping to get there for the pit walk in the afternoon. Staying until Monday morning in order to soak up the atmosphere post-race.

    Can’t wait!



    @viktor, Belgacom does a pre-paid card with Proximus. 500MB for 10 euro


    There are a few shops in Verviers that sell these.

    @Cara, I stayed at the Elephant a couple of years ago and there is a nice spit and sawdust “pub” (more like stripped out livingroom :)) just in village about 100m from the campsite.

    Take a walk down into the village Francorchamps though and you’ll find a few pubs and beer stalls, party atmosphere is much better but it’s a hike back uphill. The francorchamps racing hotel at the main junction as mentioned is a good pub.

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