Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

Going to the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

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    Hi we (family group of 6 adults) are thinking of going to our first f1 weekend, and of course it has to be Spa! Going to camp, probably at Eau Rouge campsite. Will be driving via tunnel probably. Would be grateful if someone could help with questions…

    1. A supply of good Belgian beer and pate – good place to buy? Any breweries nearby?
    2. When do we need to get tickets by? 4 want bronze general admission, the couple with more money to burn considering gold grandstand. Will it spoil the weekend if we split up?
    3. Thursday pit walk worth it?

    We were considering driving to France earlier in the week, doing maybe a day or so in Normandy and Bruges, before coming to Spa Wednesday night – is that doable? We would probably be picking at least one person up from Brussels airport on the Wednesday night.


    Ben Needham

    Hi Lottie ( @kittyl48 ),

    I’ll have a go at answering your question as I stayed at the same campsite last year.

    1. There are a number of shops in Stavelot and Malmedy which are very close. Even though they appear to be a chain store (similar to the co-op), you’ll be surprised to find a number of locally brewed beers (very cheap) and home made pate as well. We stocked up there numerous times, including the drive home!

    2. I would buy your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. In my opinion, it could spoil the weekend to split up if you’re a close group. To fully enjoy general admission (particularly on Sunday), you need to hold your spot from about 8/9am until the race end. That’s a good 6/7 hours away from your friends. Obviously you’ll still see them in the evening though, so if that’s fine then go for it!

    3. The Thursday pit walk is 100% worth doing. We arrived mid afternoon on Thursday, pitched the tent and headed straight to the circuit. We saw Vettel and Hamilton and it was good to walk around the start-finish line and get a grasp on where you are. Also interesting to see the teams setting up!

    By all means ‘pop’ into France, it makes sense as you’re obviously spat out of the tunnel there. Normandy isn’t too much of a diversion from the route to Spa so I’d say it’s certainly do-able. Another thing I would say is there’s no reason to be near the circuit on Wednesday. Enjoy France and turn up on Thursday, you won’t have missed anything at all.

    Hope that helps!



    Thanks Ben – all very helpful advice!

    We’ll make sure we arrive for Thursday lunchtime-ish in time for the pitwalk.

    The tickets are a difficult issue – 4 people can only really afford bronze open access, but 1 wants to pay for gold (with the reasoning that he can easily afford it and if you’re going to go, you might as well do it properly – can’t say I disagree). He’ll be paying for his partner’s ticket also. I think the plan at the moment is for them to use their tickets for quali and the race (after all, being seated grandstand they’re not going to disappear!) and walk around / sit with the others the rest of the time. I presume you can walk around the track, even if it does take a while…



    Hello, there.

    New guy here, looking to go to Spa with Gold Pit tickets, and also looking to camp. Google comes up with Lodomez at the top of searches, is that a good place? It has entertainment etc.

    Would it be good for someone possibly and probably travelling alone?! My persuasive skills have not worked, maybe because it’s January and to far off.

    PS – Do you need another ticket for a Thursday pit walk?

    Cheers, Matt



    Hi guys just booked tickets for Spa. Gold 3 eat rouge. Can’t wait.

    In terms of camping we are looking at the elephant which is €255 and l’eau rouge campsite which is €116. The elephant looks to be a bit closer to the circuit but l’eau rouge looks nicer.

    For those who have been before is there any advantage to one over the other?



    Jim Barrett

    Tried to post this before but it didn’t seem to work-my wife and I are going to Spa and looking at tickets in Bruxelles silver-anybody done this? Good, bad or?Thanks for any info.Jim


    Ben Needham

    @kittyl48 – when you say about walking around the track, do you mean the perimeter or actually physically on the track? You can walk around the perimeter of the track throughout the weekend. The only time (someone correct me if I’m wrong!) I believe you can walk the entire circuit is on Sunday immediately after the race, though you may have to hop a fence or two to get onto it (well worth it!). On Thursday you can walk around the start/finish area but you can’t go further than the first corner unfortunately… however hard we tried!!

    @awesomedawson / @juniper – I can’t endorse L’Eau Rouge campsite enough. It was perfect and so easy to get to the circuit every morning. 30 minute walk with an amazing view of the Ardennes forest (follow the fans!) or 5 minute bike ride if you’ve been a bit clever! It’s quiet enough for a good rest and lively enough to soak up the atmosphere if that’s what you’re after. The fans there are so friendly and there’s a decent-ish restaurant there (although we ate elsewhere).

    @awesomedawson – if you have a three day ticket, you automatically have access to Thursday’s festivities! I’m sure you could travel alone – it wouldn’t be my cup of tea personally, but everyone is happy to talk to everyone and you’ll have a great time. The journey and evening’s might be a touch lonely though. Perhaps a fellow lone traveller on here might want to join you!


    Jane Smith

    If you are GA get there SUPER early. ALWAYS take rain gear with you. Walk as much of the circuit as possible, even though it isn’t for the faint-hearted: there are many steep parts!! Food at the circuit is not good at all. Overpriced, pretty bad as well. We always take a pack up in. I know someone whose race weekend was ruined by a dodgy hot dog…

    Bear in mind that parking can be a good half hour or more walk in. Personally, I stay in Luxemburg (cheaper, cheap fuel and fab duty free prices), drive to the houses out back of Stavelot via Trois-Ponts, unhitch my bike and then cycle right into the circuit on the disused railway line (now a cycle path). :) Don’t expect glitz and glamour, remember you only see 44 laps… but there are few circuits you can get as close to the cars as Spa :) Take a radio, I use iPod Nano – you get commentary – OK, in 3 langs… but every few mins it comes round to English. it will almost certainly rain at some point too…but then that spices things up. I have done GA lots of times, plus pit straights. For GA I swear there is no limit on spectator numbers though – I have seen it RIDICULOUSLY overcrowded around honeypot areas – people up trees….on stepladders… all sorts!


    Mandy Whitehead

    We are thinking about camping a few miles away then cycling to the circuit each day. I assume that we will need to leave those outside but where? Are there bike storage facilities or do we just need to find somewhere suitable? Any suggestions please?


    Jane Smith

    Lock it up against the perimeter fence…. best fencing is at south of circuit, near Stavelot :)
    but LOADS of people cycle in and so must lock them up all round the fences. There always seem to be plenty of staff / plod around so should be safe. I cover my seat with a bin liner, cos it is bound to get wet :)


    david ball

    well ordered my tickets through http://www.selectmotorracing.com camping stuffs all ready camping d’eau rouge to be contacted and the ferries and i’ll be there going to go early in the week to get the full flavour of the area and to relax after a 470 mile drive


    Blake Hepworth

    Flying in from Australia to go to this.

    I will be by myself, so does anyone have suggestions about accommodation? Would prefer to stay in a youth hostel or something cheap but still ok. Don’t mind if I have to travel a bit.


    david ball

    well tickets paid for camping booked and eurotunnel booked just hope its a good season for racing and some passing on track can’t wait to go now though with some of the future race plans think uncle bernie is finally losing his mind



    I see people recommend others to bring something to protect them from rain. Make it a rain coat instead of an umbrella! If you’ve got bronze tickets you’re really going to spoil the session for people standing or sitting behind you if you’re going to hold up an umbrella and block their view in the process. Unfortunately, I saw plenty of selfish people last year and saw some people get into arguments because of it too. Try thinking of others when you’ve got bronze tickets; the good spots are crowded and it’s that much better for everyone if you try to think of others too. My father and I got into an argument with some guy shooting photos at the outside of Pouhon last year during qualifying, he was easily 2 meters tall, was sitting at the highest point of the hill and stood up everytime a car passed us. Everyone behind him started complaining and thought he was a ****. Don’t be that guy.



    Hi all, I went to Spa last year and it was a great weekend.

    I booked my tickets through http://www.spagrandprix.com/ they were the cheapest when I checked and as it’s the circuit I felt they were the safest option. I can also vouch for there customer service as I emailed them a few times the week before the race weekend and they always responded to my emails and questions quickly.

    I stayed at Camping L’Eau rouge and booked direct http://en.eaurouge.nl/ . Again a really great place, very friendly and accommodating. A steady 30 minute walk to the track, nice clean showers/facilities and peaceful after midnight.

    I traveled from Sheffield to Dover and took a ferry across using http://www.dfdsseaways.co.uk/ now people looked at me like I was crazy due to the euro tunnel been quicker but I had my reasons which made sense to me – I was the sole driver and after driving for 4 1/2 hours the 2 1/2 hour break at the port and crossing gave me a chance to rest and be focused on the next 3hour drive. It was cheap too @ £60 rtn.

    It was a really fantastic trip so much so that I’m considering going again this year on my own!

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