Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

First time British Grand Prix

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    Hi me and the wife will be heading to the British Grand Prix this year for the first time.
    Just wondering what to expect and any good tips.

    Weekend tickets and Sunday will be in Abbey




    My only advice from when I went in 2014 is to get there as early as possible, and know exactly where you want to be (if you’re not in the grandstand) as it fills up so quickly.
    Again, if you’re not in the grandstand, then take a couple of seats, otherwise you may find yourself forking over nearly £80 for two chairs.

    And finally, other than the essentials (water, sun cream etc), try to get near a big screen, it makes it much easier to keep up with the action.



    I’m going for the 1st time too, camping for 4nights with GA tickets any tips welcome. I was found to by some super cheap deck chairs as planning to abandon them if necessary to try got to the podium.



    Yeah deck chairs are a must, know what corner you’re gonna try and get to, get in early and get a spot for the chairs. If you’re going to the toilet or to get some food make sure someone stays with the chairs to make sure no-one moves them.



    You’ll have a cracking time! But generally just have a nosey about. It was our first time last year and we had a right laugh finding little places to go and where best to view from (use the support races, practice etc to help when it comes to the F1).

    But the best advice is to take your own food and drink. You can take beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks just as long as there’s no glass. Things get pretty pricey when you’re in the circuit and for a whole weekend you can spend a bomb. But I guess it’s how deep your pockets are.

    Have a good one!



    This is my first GrandPrix (Very Excited!), got a weekend ticket and im sitting in ‘the view’ stand. Just wanted to know how much programmes cost? and what sort of merchadise is sold and rough prices?

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