Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Going to the 2012 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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    Chris B

    I’ve decided I’m staying over for the weekend now. Can anybody recommend a campsite where caravans are permitted and where there is entertainment of an evening? Is the main stage at Silverstone actually in the circuit and accessible to everybody or is exclusively for people camping at Woodlands?



    The main stage in the circuit is for everybody.
    Woodlands has its own stage, or at least had one last year.
    I’m pretty sure other camp sites also have their own stage but i only been to Woodlands.



    Hi, I live in Brackley and I am away for the Silverstone GP weekend. I would be willing to rent my flat out at a reasonable price to a ‘real’ fan. Has two double rooms, one on suite. Couples / Family only.



    Hi all, Can a seasoned veteran help me here please..!
    I’ve got Platinum tickets at Club Grandstand for me and a mate. We’re staying in a hotel, so will be getting the park and ride from Six Fields Stadium (M1) for Sat/Sun, with driving to the track on Fri.. Could someone recommend to me what time to arrive on Friday? Also, the information pack says the P/R opens 4AM on Sat and 3AM on Sun (with first departures at 4.30am and 4am respectively).. So can any one suggest a good time I should get there each day? (Bearing in mind on Sun atleast I do have reserved seating).. Also how often do the busses leave each way?
    Thanks for any help!



    It’s been a long time since I did the park and ride (we now camp all weekend) but I think it takes about 30 mins to get to the track. On Friday I would leave an hour before I wanted to get there to take account of travelling and queuing time. Sat 1 1/2 hours and Sunday 2 hours. The last time I drove in the traffic was awful on the Sun. Friday is not normally a problem to get into any stand during the day, although last year it was really busy from Abbey right down the pit straight and around Club. On Saturday you probably need to get a seat where you want to watch qualifying from anything from an hour before it starts, maybe earlier in the popular grandstands. Sunday is great once you’re in you’ve got a reserved seat so relax and enjoy the day.



    Has anyone received their Kangaroo TV’s yet?



    Silverstone ticket arrived today. Totally up for this weekend now! :D


    Sandu Fakeru

    So as expected, my ticket was returned to post office, because nobody was home. I’m not in UK until 5th July, but my brother will be there in one week. Questions are:
    1.How much time my ticket will be at the post office? I have heard about 1 or 2 weeks, but I would need a more precise information.
    2.Will be my brother able to take the ticket for me, providing he will have my credit card as a proof of ID?





    Can’t see the problem. I’m sure the post office will hold your ticket for a couple of weeks. I also think as long as your brother takes the card with him when he collects your ticket with proof of address i would think he can pick them up. I have had my son collect mine with just the ticket, and no id before. If youre worried why don’t you ring the post office and ask them what to do. I’m sure you could get the number off Google.



    does anyone know what the best place to get tickets from is? ive left it a bit late and hope there are some left


    Caroline Miles

    Think Silverstone still has some, but not sure what – silverstone.co.uk or try bookf1.com.


    taking my nephew to the British GP for his 21st. We have got tickets for Sunday only plus public parking pass. does anyone know the best time to get to the circuit to avoid huge traffic jams. Got grandstand tickets for stowe A and hoping this is a good spot.
    Another place to try to get tickets could be ‘BritishGP.co.uk’



    Hi all,
    this will be my 5th visit to the british gp, have got sunday seats in Becketts but decided at last minute to buy general admission for the Saturday and am not sure where to sit. Can anyone recommend a good spot for qualifying on the general admission areas?

    Also- has anyone managed to meet the drivers at the circuit to grab a few autographs- just wondered where you can do this?



    Chloe Gilder

    hey! i’m going to my first grand prix this year and am staying at campingf1 on towcester road. has anyone stayed there before or know much about it please?
    thanks! :)



    Hello good people,I am a foreigner and I came in UK 4 months ago.The first thing I did was to buy a ticket for British GP . It will be my first GP and I need some help.I have a 3-day ticket , but unfortunately I will be available only at Sunday.I don’t have a car,so I didn’t buy a parking ticket.I still don’t know how I will get to the track ( maybe ask a college to give me a lift ) , but can anybody say the best way for me to arrive to the track. My friend leaves me somewhere around the track,where I can take a bus ? How many hours do I need to travel from Maidstone to Silverstone ? I have a ticket for General admission ,so at that time where is the best place I should go not to waste any time ( I know I can’t get the best view,but just need to go somewhere where I don’t need to be very tall to watch normally). Thanks to those of you who read my post , and be so kind to give me an advise.
    PS: Sorry for my English,but that’s the best I can do :)

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