Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Long delays

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    Joao Pitol

    Hubby and 2 sons have been stuck in traffic for 8 hours!!!! should have been a 2 hour journey. Hope you have more luck tomorrow boys.


    Keith Collantine

    @suzy Sorry to hear that. Where were they driving in from? What time did they leave?

    Hope they have better luck over the rest of the weekend.


    Been in that situation a couple of times before myself, as a child. Particularly trying to get there and leave in 2000. I’m not there this year but I truly feel awful for you and all the others who have been affected today and will be for the rest of this weekend. :(



    Today was terrible. I spent 10 hours in my car (I live about 80 miles from Silverstone) and saw about 35 minutes of F1 action. The organisation at Silverstone was terrible. Sat in a queue from about 8:30am to 12pm, and was very very fortunate to get a parking space – the gate of the car park was closed behind my car! Luckily she didn’t scratch it Then we got back to the car just before 5pm and didn’t manage to leave the circuit until 8:30pm. There was a big jam on the M1 as well after that.

    I was one of the fortunate ones though. My brother also spent a ridiculous amount of time in his car, but he was a bit behind me in the queue coming in and he didn’t manage to get parked at all. Therefore he saw absolutely nothing. He had to use his ticket to get into the circuit just to use the toilets though.

    Silverstone provided NO information to people – no one told us what was happening, why we were having to wait or when we were likely to get in. It seemed like the marshals around the car parks had no idea themselves. All of this because of rain. It wasn’t like the conditions were extreme, it was just raining.

    On top of that, they’ve now asked those who paid £55 for parking (like my brother) not to come tomorrow, but those who paid nothing for Park and Ride should turn up as planned. ******* terrible.

    Sorry Silverstone, but I don’t think I’ll be back for a very long time. This race should have been held at Donington Park.


    Keith Collantine

    Silverstone say they will start paying refund claims this week:

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