Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Park and ride info

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    Chris Jones

    Hi everyone,
    Firstly I’d just like to say hello as I am a newbie on here. I’m going to my first GP at Silverstone this year with my Brother(I can’t wait!!) and have been getting loads of useful tips and info of here as to what to expect and what to do etc. The question I have is about the park and ride. I have booked a weekend general admission ticket and will be using the park and ride from Sixfields Stadium. Does anybody know if the buses take you straight into the venue (as we would already have had to show our passes to get onto the bus), or do they just drop you off at the main entrance and we will have to queue up to get in there. I’m thinking more of the Sunday really, do I need to be on that first bus leaving at 5.30am for any chance of getting a good spot, so we would have to be looking at getting to the park and ride at about 5am to join the queue for the first bus? Also are there any tips or advice for me from anybody that have used the park and ride before.


    Becca Cann

    Hi Chris. I can’t help with the park and ride info, but I would definitely say you’ll need to get on the earliest bus you can to try for a good spot. Most general admission people were at the gates before 5am last year!



    I haven’t done park & ride for years but am confident in saying you will have to queue at the circuit gates and show your ticket to get in. Also I haven’t done general admission for years as always get a grandstand but would agree with Becca, to get a good spot on Sunday you’re going to need to be there as early as possible. Would also not want to be too late on Saturday. Friday generally shouldn’t be a problem.
    Have a good weekend.

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