Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Parking on Sunday

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    Matt Havil

    I have parking at silverstone on Sunday but the ticket office says it isn’t reserved. What time do people think I should get there to get a space?



    If the car parks are flooded today, and it’s going to rain all day tomorrow, then why do Silverstone think they will have room for everyone parking on Sunday?

    Also, your space IS reserved – you paid £55 for it to be reserved. It is appalling that they are allowing people who paid just £10 for Park and Ride priority over those who paid for reserved circuit parking.


    Matt Havil

    No idea, had booked park and ride but they forgot to send the passes with the tickets so have offered me a parking space on site but can’t guarantee it. The park and ride was guaranteed though


    owen jones

    i’m booked at the hinton park and ride for sunday. haven’t been before, so not sure what time you need to get there to avoid traffic

    also, what happens when you get there? do the shuttle buses have a bus lane to the circuit? or do they just get in the same traffic as everyone else?


    Matt Havil

    I have now been told to go to the six fields park and ride. I think the earlier the better, doubt there will be many bus lanes they can go in.
    Probably leaving about 7 in morning



    I’d set off much earlier than that…. We left at 3am today to get there for 6am and it was already starting to queue, then we were advised to turn away, wonderful first f1 experience….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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