Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Silverstone Woodlands – early arrival

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    I’m suddenly having a big panic about my first trip to a grand prix!

    I have 3 day tickets for the F1 + camping at Woodlands.

    My plan has been to arrive on the Thursday. With a four hour journey to get there, its the only option to be there in time for P1.

    However, looking at my camping tickets, there are only ticket stubs for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    Will I be able to access the site on Thursday???

    On the Woodlands website it seems to suggest you can only arrive earlier if you bought your camping tickets as an add-on through the Silverstone website?

    While I would love to have done that, there were no camping tickets available when I bought my F1 tickets through the Silverstone website, so I had to go to an agency for the camping tickets.



    I would’ve thought you’d be able to get in on the Thursday morning, when I stayed there I was one of the first people in on the Friday morning (before the WSR event) and I was allowed to choose my own spot! The staff there are very easy and helpful, I just wished they were harder on people who kept doing Keith Lemon impressions late into the evening!



    The stubbs on your camping ticket aren’t used for anything, hence the word ‘Void’ printed on them.

    Woodlands opens on Wednesday and closes on Monday you can arrive at any time between then. As long as you have a valid 3 day ticket (the Silverstone blue one) and a woodlands camping ticket you should be fine.



    Hi, my first GP, visit to Silverstone and to Woodlands. I’m sure you’ll think it’s unwise but I have no other option of arriving until around 9am on Friday morning so I’m guessing first practice might be in jeopardy!

    I was a little apprehensive of picth space and facilities at first but after some research I’m pretty satisfied they’re adequate at least.

    I’m taking earl plugs and an eye mask so I should be able to get a few hours kip at least!

    I just hope the weather isn’t too disasterous.


    Jonathan Evans

    Just had an email through from Silverstone management:

    WARNING – Woodlands campsite is implementing its first stage of its wet weather contingency plans.

    There are 3 levels of warning –

    Green – no problems

    Amber – you can drive up to your pitch but your car cannot move from the pitch until you leave

    Red – only campervans and caravans and TT’s will be allowed to drive to the pitch – towing may be required.

    All other campers will proceed to designated car park – you will then need to walk/carry your gear to your chosen pitch.

    Silverstone Woodlands is current on AMBER ALERT




    Well it’s now red so I’m slight apprehensive! Is there any chance it will revert back to amber? I’m guessing not as it may irritate others that were forced to park up and carry their gear to their pitches.



    Me too Tom, sounds like its going to be a right stressy affair. I can see lots of angry people getting worked up about having to carry their stuff from the car park, to their designated pitches. I am soo looking forward to this weekend, but this part is really worrying me. I am not the strongest of women but cant expect my husband to carry everything! Especially if its some distance. Think I may need earplugs for the arrival at the camping rather than the racing!!



    Woodlands is still on RED as of 18:30 today, wed. CHECK OUT THE SILVERSTONE WOODLANDS SITE GUYS.


    Mark O’Donnell

    Can’t see it going back to Amber to be honest – weather here has been crap today and same again tomorrow.

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