Going to the Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Going to the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

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    The seats everywhere except the gold grandstands (I think #1-3) are metal bleachers. We bring cushions, but I think this yeer I will look for small folding chairs. I have seen people bring those to the track.

    All the events like Historic GP will be in between F1 sessions at the track. As for downtown, look through this thread I posted tons of info earlier.

    Driver autograph’s?? No way, unless you get really lucky or know the right people. You can catch the McLaren team after the race at the Hotel Nelligan in the old port.

    For random meetings: I did meet Jerome D’Ambrosio before we both headed into a restaurant. Nobody recognized him. I also met Alonso walking down De La Montagne street with his girlfriend and got a picture. Again, nobody knew who he was.



    Based on my experience in stand 33, there’d be no room to take your own chairs. I’m not sure how you could use them unless you sat in the aisles? I’m not sure that would be permitted either…. But I’ve only been once before; maybe the other stands are different.

    And yes,the benches are really uncomfortable. Trying to cut costs, I took a pillow from my hotel room to sit on and it didn’t work. The seat cushions they sell at the event worked best for me, and weren’t too expensive – maybe around $12? I was so desperately uncomfortable at that point I’d have paid a lot more.


    Michael Moran

    I picked up an inflatable cushion at Walmart that rolls up & fits in a pouch about the size of a beer can. I just clip it to my camera bag so it’s not something else to carry.
    I’m all set for next month. My replacement Trio tickets arrived last month & I had them include the Metro Pass & a voucher for a program. United hasn’t changed my flights for about a month now, so hopefully won’t have anymore drama there….changed them 3 times now!

    I do have one question…I’ll also be in 33 on Sunday, is it possible to get from there to anywhere close to the podium, so I can get some pics of the trophy presentations?


    Ben Saylor

    Thanks for the replies @s2g-unit, @f1antics, and @michael Moran!


    Eric Ok

    One thing I like about the Canadian GP is that you can bring any and all food, drink, beer, coolers, etc. to the track – no problem.

    Most off track events/entertainment is centered around Crescent Street. The city does go all out for this race.

    Here are some shots of the general admission areas, but they’ll give you a flavor of the track in general:
    Quintessential General Admission Viewing Canadian Grand Prix

    Here’s a link as to my shots from last year’s race:
    Alonso at the hairpin


    Michael Moran

    Thanks Eric! Noticed you had some shots of the Podium….how’d you get over there?

    Looks like this years Crescent Street Festival will be sponsored by Labatt & not LG. Few things I’ve been able to find says schedule should be out shortly.

    Hoping that the construction on the Yellow Line doesn’t run into any snags, They say it should be done by the 25th. Having it down for F1 weekend & using the bus shuttles that they are using now would not be good on F1 weekend!

    Full race schedule is up on the Circuits website now. Should be lots of fun!

    3 weeks & counting!


    Eric Ok

    I sit in grandstand 11 (although grandstand 12 would work too). Immediately after the race victory lap, gates are opened to the track and you have to be ready to make a mad dash to the podium. Afterwards, you can walk the track and make your way back to the casino or the general area of the metro station.


    Dan Proudfoot

    I have two (2) seats in Stand 34 (at the hairpin) and was looking to see if someone wanted to meet at the track and swap seats for Friday practice, preferably Stand 11 or 12. Let me know if you’re interested.


    Alex green

    Last minute dot com for me this year but just booked up,managed to get into the holiday inn express downtown and a decent flight,this will be my 5th trip to montreal and will be arriving friday lunchtime

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