Going to the Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Where to sit and where to watch at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve?

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    After having GA tickets only for 2012, I am going to splurge for GS next year. I was there in ’82 but don’t remember GA as being so difficult… but that was 1982. I think that if one makes the effort and time and hotel expense to go, you might as well spend the extra for GS seats. I am trying to decide on GS 1 or 2 or 12, 1 and 2 have the start/finish and pit view, but not much else. Where is the podium? 12 is on the Senna curve and does a lot of action happen there? Someone mentioned that 1 and 2 were not that great since the pits are pretty far away. Hmmmm. I am kind of leaning toward 12. Any thoughts?


    John Ward

    GS 11 or 12 are very good, sat in them both a few times, GS 1 & 2 I did one year, they’re ok for the pit lane, but to watch a race you miss most of the action.
    This year I bought GS 15, careful which row they give you, they wanted to sell me CC and it was below the fencing, I sat in row Y, 4th from the top, which were very good. I have sat in most of the GS and right now 11, 12 or 15 would be my choices. Keep in mind you do more walking for GS 11 & 12, were 15 is steps from the bridge.
    For the podium, it is a short walk from GS11 & 12, once your over the fence and the last time I was in those seats, Security opens the fence once the track is clear, to avoid trampling I suppose.


    Mark O’Donnell

    I did GS 11 this year and would do exactly the same next year. You cannot do GA in Montreal if you want a good view – you really have to go for a GS and GS 11 / 12 are probably the best (and most expensive)


    Eric Ok

    Technically, the start-finish grandstands are the most expensive. If you settle for grandstand 11, make sure you’re in sections 1-5. The higher numbered sections in grandstand 11 have their view of the start-finish and a big chunk of the Senna S blocked by trees. If you opt for grandstand 12, the sections closest to the start-finish have their views of the start-finish blocked by the TV screen and the “elite suites”.


    Mark O’Donnell

    I was in Section 4 of 11 and it was perfect – wouldn’t want to be any further over from 6 – trees weren’t an issue at all and wouldn’t be unless you were LOW in section 7 onwards.



    I have a question regarding seating. Since this is my first time to this track. If I have GS “X” seat, is it possible just to get up and walk around the outside of the track, the park area or the general admission area? or are you limited to your assigned seating?



    You will be able to walk around almost everywhere where general admission goes BUT many times they stop people who don’t have GS 11-12 tickets from going to senna curve.



    News on the radio here in Montreal is that we are about sign a new deal with F1 to host until 2024. We are supposed to be upgrading facilities & track to world class standards.

    More to come.



    I’m looking to go to the Canadian GP this year since I’m unable to drive abroad (due to other financial constraints); luckily, my budget is sufficient for a nice GS ticket as well as a hostel stay (hotels are looking very unlikely due to the sheer cost of anything actually in Montreal, or even in nearby Longeuil).

    I’m trying to decide between a few grandstands: either 11, 12, or 15.

    From the diagrams I’ve seen, I’m concerned that if I take GS 11 or 12, I won’t be able to actually see the start, which is the main reason why I’d want to be there (plus you can still hear the sweet braking/acceleration noises). Would anyone be able to verify this? It looks like GS 11 extends way past the Senna curve, so I’d be crushed if I could not see the start. GS 12 looks like it might not even be able to see the start until they reach the first set of turns.

    GS 15 looks like a clear view of the hairpin either way, so I’m less concerned about that.

    General admission is something I’d consider as well, but is it difficult to get a spot unless you arrive really early?



    As for seating, the silver grandstands are usually in places with more action & a better view of the cars. It depends on which grandstand you want though. Not every “section” within every “grandstand” is amazing.

    For Grandstand 11:
    -sections for 1-4 are the best (lower section number is better)

    For Grandstand 12:
    Sections 5-7 are best (higher section number gives a better view)

    For Grandstand 24:
    -I think sections 2-4 would be best (closest to apex of hairpin)

    If you want specifics of why I’m saying those sections in the grandstands let me know.



    Use youtube for videos of the different grandstands. Best way to get an idea.


    Ajae Hall

    I was there this year in Grandstand 33 and I loved it. Most years the GP is hot, and there is lots of available shade. I walked around most of the GA sections, and most places couldn’t see a TV and were far from speakers which makes following qualifying and the race more difficult. You can get very close to the cars along the straights though, so I took a walk in FP3 and some of the support events. If I go back I think I will spring for seats along the S/F straight or the senna curve as with other tickets you can not get anywhere close to the pits. You can not even sit in empty stands, as I tried to get a view of the historic cars from the hairpin at around 5:30 pm when most of the fans had left. I managed to stand at the top of the stairs for a little while, but hardly the same thing. GA for the race is obviously packed, but the support races were not so bad so I got to experience a few different parts of the track.

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