Going to the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring

How to get to the Nurburgring


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    Keith Collantine

    Share your tips on getting to the track.


    Jason Rasia

    First time poster, first time in Germany, and first ever F1 event. Should be fun!

    I’m from Canada, staying in Amsterdam for a few days, and getting to Germany via train.
    What is the best way to get to the Nurburgring without a car?
    Are there shuttle buses in Cologne or near by that I can take to the track?
    I understand trains don’t go directly to the track.
    Should I rent a car instead? We’ll be camping at the track.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




    How does the parking of the car work:
    – do you have to make a reservation?
    – what are the costs?
    – how early do you have to park to get a parking spot not too far from the track?

    JP (NL)



    I have never been to the Nurburgring, so I cannot speak from experience, however I was looking at going so I can tell you what I researched. It is advisable to drive to the Nurburgring – it is sort of in the middle of nowhere, and not really accessable via public transport. Hockenheim, on the other hand, is easily accessible via public transport if you just wanted to go to Germany, although you will have to wait an extra year. It would probably be best to rent a car and drive. It should be fairly cheap if you book in advance and arent too fussy. I was looking at just under £100 for a long weekend (I believe thurs – mon, can’t remember exactly) for a small economical hatchback.

    JP, I’m afraid I can’t say definitely, but I believe that parking is free. There must be an email adress somewhere, I suggest you email them to check.

    Hope this helps :).


    Jane Smith

    Parking is free and there is loads of it. Only a few minutes to walk in.
    Renting a car is fine – just remember that most cars will be manual, so if you must have an automatic, ask in advance.


    Chris Canning

    I have a group of about 10 people staying in Cologne. I am hoping to find some sort of shuttle bus service. Surely there must be something available. We are there on a stag do so driving is not an option. If I find anything then I will post on here. Otherwise, we are considering organising a minibus to take us there and back…


    Jane Smith

    I read something about getting to the Ring by public transport – took many hours, and numerous buses / trains. Why should there be a shuttle bus? Few other circuits around the world have one (and I have been to several).


    Chris Canning

    I would have thought there is some sort of shuttle/bus service available. With literally 1000’s of F1 fans in Cologne all wanting to go to the track it would be a great money-maker to put on bus services. I know of several in England from nearby cities all going to Silverstone on race days. I’m sure the fans would pay for a convenient service. I one doesn’t exist maybe I should set one up!!!?!?


    Jason Rasia

    I got an email from Nurburgring stating that there will be shuttles from Cologne and Koblenz.
    They will post details two week before the event on their website.
    Great news.


    Jane Smith

    Ah…well that is perfect then! Enjoy your time at the Ring :) I can’t wait to get there…


    Michael Eggins

    I went to this Grand Prix in 07, stayed in Cologne and commuted down by train and then bus. Can’t remember how long it took, though I enjoy a good train trip. Plenty of stuff to do in Cologne as well. Have a great time, one of my favorite GP’s


    sbl on tour

    went in 2011, flew to frankfurt, hired a car , stayed in klodden on the mosel about 35 mins from circuit, dead easy getting to circuit, thurs, fri and sat,
    sun was a bit more awkward with a 1 way system in operation, but even then it wasnt too bad, like everything you gotta get there early
    the one q I do remember was the one getting into the campsite on thurday morning, it was *&^%$^& horrendous, thank goodness we wernt in it



    Is the track open to the public on Thursdays ?


    Jane Smith

    @bushin. Yes – it is actually open to the general public too. But you can’t walk the track, or anything like that…You just enter the ‘Village’ from the road, but, as on the 3-day race weekend, you can’t access areas for which you don’t hold tickets anyway. Pitlane walk is Thursday, usually mid-afternoon time, but I would check that in advance. Last time I went it was about 3pm I think. I got to the circuit for 1pm and left shortly before pitwalk to go to my hotel as it did start to rain :)


    sbl on tour

    walked the track after the gp in 2011, hung about for a while ,10mins or so and the marshalls had left one of the gates open , so we walked thru, as you do, a few others did as well, we got on at stand 10 and walked the lot round to the pits, for the vast majority of it we had the track to ourselves, magic

    did pit walk on thursday, but it was manic on the outside
    didnt do the drivers autograph session on the sat morning, knew it would be a waste of time, from speaking to a few others …it was

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