Going to the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring

Where to stay near the Nurburgring?


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    Keith Collantine

    Where are the best places to stay if you’re going to the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring?


    Fer no.65

    Hi everyone ! not strictly a GP attendance but I’m planning a trip round Europe for next March and I thought about visiting the Nurburgring and blast around the Nordschleiffe if I can. I hear there are many museums and stuff to visit.

    I’m just planning on 1 weekend or so, so I’d like to stay near the track. Which are the closest cities to start looking for a place to stay?

    Thanks in advance !


    sbl on tour

    we stayed in a place called klodden on the mosel for the gp, its 40 mins from the track , (went thru booking.com) but a world a way, so its nice to have the contrasts
    also stayed in a village called st aldegund this year during our hols, again its on the mosel near a town called alf, again its about 35/40 mins away


    Fer no.65

    Thanks, @sbl-on-tour :)



    @fer-no65 I had the honour to witness Mark Webber’s first victory at Nurburgring in 2009 and I was staying in Koblenz, which is around 60 km west of the circuit. I think it’s the closest city to Nurburgring (over 100 thousand inhabitants), all the other places are actually small towns.

    I believe it’s a good place to stay at for a couple of days. I really enjoyed taking walks there, the city has at least two good restaurants and I bought the best shoes that I’ve ever had in a small shop :) Here you can read more about the main sights: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koblenz#Main_sights


    Fer no.65

    @girts thanks a lot :) that looks like a very beautiful place !

    is it a long trip from there to the track? how much is the ticket?



    @fer-no65 Well, we had hired a car and I guess that’s the best option, particularly if you want to get there when no big events are being held. Nurburgring is basically in the middle of nowhere, which means that there are no direct connections to any of the bigger cities, including Koblenz. I think it takes about 40 minutes with a car but if you want to get from Koblenz to Nurburgring by public transport, it’ll take more than 2 hours and you’ll have to change at least 3 times. The one-way ticket(s) should cost ~20-25 euros. Unless there is something that I don’t know, this is how it looks like:


    Here is more information on how to get to the circuit:


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