Going to the Hungarian Grand Prix at Hungaroring

Going to the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring

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    Sterescu Gabriel

    I have received my tichets today.

    I have bought 2 tichets in redbull tribune, and i saw that tickets are in sector G row 24.

    Anyone know that this sector is good ?

    Thanks in advance,



    Has anyone else seen this? Discounted Formula 1 BKK Fares. It seems to suggest that just having a 72-hour travelcard (which I imagine most outsiders like myself will be getting) will be enough to get you out to the stations at Mogyoród and Szilasliget, near the Hungaroring.



    It’s not normally that expensive anyway. Shame the walk from the station is one of the most soul destroying things I’ve ever encountered!



    is anybody interested in sharing the official taxi drive from Budapest center to the track on raceday?

    Me & my gf would like to avoid the crowd.
    The taxi takes 6 so we need 4 more passengers, the price is 33 euro (5,5 per person).



    Tharippa, we have a group of 4 and are interested in the offical taxi at least for saturday. where are you guys leaving from and around what times?



    we want to use the taxi on sunday to get to the race.
    Maybe depart from the city at around 10 am to catch some GP2 racing and then watch the drivers parade.

    We’re staying in Budapest near the parliament building. Where are you staying?


    Steven Milne

    Me and my father in law leave tommorrow to fly out to budapest we would be up for sharing taxi also to and from circuit:D

    We staying at the park inn by radisson hotel



    I am also interested in sharing a cab. I am traveling to the circuit along with my father. I see a few people looking to share a cab also, how do we get in touch? I see no way of sending a private message on this forum.



    Add me as friend, then you can send messages.



    We are 4 people staying at Eurostars budapest hotel, between Astoria and Ferenciek ter. We are also up for sharing 6 person cab to the H-ring for FP3&qualifying/race. Plan is leaving at 9 o’clock tomorrow and around 10 on sunday/race day. I will be checking for replies later..



    My girlfriend and I are up for sharing a pre booked taxi on Saturday and Sunday to the circuit.
    We are located on Bupa side (west) very near the castle / tunnel under the castle or Szecheny lànchíd bridge or even Deli palyaudvar metro station (red line)
    Let me know what we are all thinking?!?
    Add me and send me a personal message.



    Also we are just out for dinner. So if anyone sees a 6″5 man and a girl in a flowery dress and bright yellow cardigan come and say hello!! :-)



    Hello Matt, we are planning on leaving the hotel Eurostars Budapest Hotel, between Deak Ferencie (blue line) and Astoria (red line) at around 9.00 – 9.10 but If you are staying on the Buda side the taxi fair will still be reasonably priced? From here it costs 10’000 Forint to Hungaroring with fixed price (otherwise more expensive. Around 13-15k). But on race day-Sunday if you are up to coming to our hotel at around 10-10.30 we are happy to take you and your partner with us.



    Is it possible to catch a 9:40pm take off flight after tge race on Sunday?
    I’m going next year

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