Going to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Where to sit and where to watch at Monza?

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    Keith Collantine

    Where are the best places to watch from at Monza?



    I always choose a good braking point with an opportunity for some overtaking.

    I was at turn one on the outside stand (8A). If you go there I’d recommend paying the extra for the steeper raked seats as you get a better view and get to see all the cars bowling around turn 1 at the start.

    Another good spot that I checked out during practice was the ‘Second Variant’. That was where Vettel took Alonso and should offer a good view.

    My final option would be Ascari – not as good for overtaking but you do get a good view.
    Going general admission is not so good at Monza as decent view points are limited, so I’d recommend one of the above three options.

    Hope that helps!



    Over the course of the weekend me and my mates checked out pretty much everywhere we could.

    For Friday we took advantage of the roving ticket and sat in the stand opposite the pits for FP1 and then moved up to the stand opposite Prima Variante for FP2. I imagine Prima Variante would be one of the two top places to watch the race from due to the level of over-taking available.

    For FP3 we explored Lesmo and the Ascari chicane. Sitting between both corners but closer to the second Lesmo allowed us to benefit from the noise of acceleration trapped in the corners which reverberated off the sponsorship boards with eerie clarity. This would be one of the slower points of the weekend so a good opportunity to witness the cars up close. Plus, Lesmo does lend itself well to drivers going for the occasional spin in the gravel!

    For qualifying and the race we sat on the inside of the exit of Parabolica and it was fantastic. Huge noise with the cars approaching final gear and we could also glimpse DRS activation. It was also fun trying to second guess those drivers going into the pits. It also made for relatively quick access to the track invasion and subsequent podium celebration.We took the opportunity initially to check out the old banking as well after being turned away by security all weekend.

    A fantastic track. Spa next!



    Andrew, can I ask you what ticket you bought and how expensive it was? This will be my very first live F1 race I am going to attend and I am already getting dizzy with excitement thinking about it. I am however on a bit of a shoestring budget, so I will be very grateful for any pointers you could give me.



    @chapor Last year we all had General Admission tickets. The cost to us was approx. £80-90 so in Euro’s that translates to around €110,00 I guess. I’ve just checked the official F1 site but there is no information available yet on tickets for the Italian GP.

    General Admission has its benefits, if you’re willing to put the effort in. The two races I’ve attended (Monza 2011, Silverstone 2010) were great value for money because we took advantage of the roaming capabilities. By that I mean that we could go in any of the designated general admission areas (which were generous, especially at Monza). On the Friday you can access pretty much anywhere, including the seats opposite the pit wall, so you can have a seat wherever you like and spy into the pit lane and garages! For FP1 we planted ourselves in front of the main straight, opposite the pit lane, for FP2 we went to Prima Variante which offered a great vantage point.

    During Saturday morning we explored the general admission areas (roaming ticket for anywhere you can only use on the Friday) and this really allows you to make sure you find a good place for the race. I would recommend the exit of Parabolica, on the inside.

    Basically, the ticket is incredibly value for money, but only if you’re willing to walk around and really explore, which I’m sure you will!

    Oh, and there is a pit-lane walk available on the Thursday afternoon usually ;)



    Thanks a lot Andrew. Valuable information indeed :)
    I am going to book a general admission ticket. I wanted to know if Inner Parabolic area accessible to General Admission?



    @prashant you can access Inner Parabolic with GA tickets – that’s where i’m going to sit – as far as i know it’s the only1 GA area with Telebim.



    Awesome .. this will be my first live GP .. looking forward to the race!
    Thanks @Bartek



    Hey guys, how is it going? I am also planning to go to Monza with GA tickets – unfortunately only on Sunday (we’re driving from Switzerland and back on the same day). Since we cannot explore on Friday, I really appreciate your tips on where the good GA zones are :)

    This is going to be my second F1 race, pretty excited about it!

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