Going to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Where to stay near Monza?

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    Keith Collantine

    Where are the best places to stay if you’re going to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza?



    Am going to the italian gp for the 1st time in 2012, will be driving down with a caravan straight from spa but need a campsite. Any good suggestions? The site at the track seems good if you dont want to sleep, but personally I prefer something a bit quieter. have seen the camping f1 do a campsite but is a long way from the track and you have to rely on busses to get you to and from the track and would prefer somewhere within a sensible walking distance.



    I stayed with F1 Camping this year. There’s a train station right next to the camp site that gets you to the track (the train stops right next to the Lesmo turn) in 5 mins, so it’s not too bad.
    It’s worth noting that trains don’t run from that stop on the Sunday – I took the bus in from the camp site that day and it was pretty quick, so it’s not as much of a problem as you may think.
    I did wander by the on-site camping and it was rammed – probably a good option if you can’t be bothered with travelling to the track, but I doubt it would be a quiet option.



    Me and my mates stayed in Bergamo in a nice hostel 5 minutes away from the station. Trains apprx. every 30 mins to Monza with a 40 min transport time. They were then frequent shuttle buses to the circuit.

    The travelling is a big part of the experience and you will probably be worn out with it by Sunday, but Bergamo is brilliant if you don’t want to camp and Milan is out of your price range.


    Hi going monza for the first time this summer with 2 mates. Decided it would be good to camp, but never camped before at a race. Ideally would like somewhere lively, fun, and full of people up for a laugh. Was looking at campingf1 which looked like it offers this, but Im unsure what would be the best option to be honest. Really dont want to get it wrong so if anyone has any thoughts that would be greatly appreciated. thanks Phil




    Going to Monza Too this year ,staying at Camping f1 site cant wait


    Katy Evans

    Hi everyone-
    Also doing the spa to monza trip and we are looking for a campsite near monza. I rang camping f1 and they only have the expensive pre-erected tents. I understand theres a site just near the track but you can’t reserve in advance. Any news on other places? Any help would be great! We went to spa last year so if we can help with any questions feel free to ask!



    I was in Monza last year and going this year. We are stayin in hotel in Desio which is pretty cheap and only 2 stops from Monza so really close. We did look at the campsite at the track and it still had spaces avaliable Saturday, and yes you just book on arrival. I would however recommend a hotel. The flights are cheap and you can find a good hotel at a reasonable cost if you book in advance. There is so much going on in Monza i wouldn’t want to be stuck miles away in a camp site.


    Hi i went to monza last year 2011 , and i stayed in a hotel 20 mind frm the airport Malpenssa. I knw i spelt it wrng , but anywy i dnt wnt to stay at dat hotel again. It was ok , bt far frm anythg like out in thd sticks. Any ideas?



    Is anyone arriving at Milan Bergamo Thursday night-flying on RyanAir?



    Hi guys,

    if any1 flying to Milan Bergamo on Wednesday – East Mids -> Milan let me know – goin by my won and lookin for some nice hostels to stay few nites in Milan than to go to Monza and flyin back to East following Wednesday (12th) – forgot to mention – Ryanair morning flight.




    Guys a



    Guys above ^^ Bartek and David, I am flying RyanAir, landing in Bergamo, Thurs night. Was hoping to do hostel that night and then camp over the weekend. Flying alone, relatively unplanned, one of the more mad things I have done recently.



    David, how you booked camping??



    I am camping at Macherio Canonica,but the flight is 22.10 landing and i think train/buses would of stopped running by then

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