Going to the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka

Going to the 2013 Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka

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    Keith Collantine

    Discussion area for fans going to the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka.



    well, this a possibility that i might go to suzuka this year.
    I’m going to Japan this year for 3 weeks, my initial travel date was the 12th October, which makes it impossible to attend since i only arrive on the 13th, sunday.
    I might anticipate my outbound flight for a couple of days so that i can go to the F1.

    Anyone can tell me what’s the cheapest ticket available?


    Alex green

    General admission is the cheapest,I stayed in Nagoya and got a jr rail pass which is unlimited train travel for 7 days,saves a fortune,if you stay beside the station all the bars/nightlife is up the hill past the Hilton(it’s obvious when your there)enjoy Japan it’s fantastic



    thanks Alex.
    how much does the general admission cost?
    Japan is great, I’ve been there a couple of years ago and i’m going again this year. The plan is to travel from north to south. cheers


    Alex green

    Have a search around that will give you an idea,I sat on the last corner cost was 340 UK pounds 2 years ago


    paul vinter

    Yep, tickets ordered through BookF1, who seem to know their stuff. My first time to Suzuka, although I did used to live in Japan for a spell back in the day. Not been there for a good ten years though so am looking forward to heading back. Never been to Suzuka – one of the best circuits.

    I am around 130r – am under the impression there is no General Admission this year and everything is seated.

    Should be a great event – personally I am hoping for showers and a partially wet race – at least the rain will be warm.




    Paul- I am not sure on 2013, but in 2012 there was no general admission and all seated. One good thing though, was that you can sit where you want on the Friday, so see what seats you like for the next visit.

    I went straight to the esses and was even better that I expected!! The only issue with Suzuka is its not easy to get around- most (if not all) stands are on the outside of the circuit (the cross over excluded of course), with no under or over passes- its a long way around. I was at the back of the Paddock Club (which the esses come past pretty close on the way back around- 30 metres maybe) and could have hit half a 9 iron to the spot I wanted to be at on the other side, but with no quick access it took 25 minutes to walk around.

    I really wanted to head out to the hairpin, but its so far you miss a vast amount of the session in doing so. Needed a minibus or something :)


    paul vinter

    Thanks for that Garns – any insight over the coming 6 months through this thread will be helpful to everyone for this and future years.

    I understand that although there are not General Admission areas, there are a number of grassy areas where people sit and watch so there may be an opportunity to look from those on the Saturday and get some more photos. Being in stand G1 my view will be limited but there are a lot of us going so the cheaper tickets were right for this trip and you are right – I will be checking out other seats for coming years ;)

    Only fly in the ointment is no Fanvision this year and there are no screens near 130r. It will be laptops on 3G or if that doesn’t work a cheap roaming SIM so a friend in the UK can pop their phone by the TV so I can follow the BBC commentary live!!!



    Hi all, Will be finishing a tour of Japan at this time so going to extend my time and stay for the F1. Travelling from Australia by myself. If anyone could give me an idea of a good hotel to stay at close to the track and where is a good spot for viewing at the track.
    Being a KIWI I am very much a Mclaren fan.


    paul vinter

    Hi Rachael. Great to hear you are touring Japan – I am sure you will have a great time.

    We have not booked our hotel yet however my friend who lives in Japan is under the impression that Nagoya is going to be the best place to stay as the hotels nearby are very likely full, that transport from Nagoya to the track is well organised and that Nagoya is far more fun in the evenings. If and when I find more out over the coming weeks I will post it here.

    Mata Ne.




    @rachael – My wife & I stayed in Nagoya last year and travelled in for the 3 days- Paul is right in thats its a well organised set up it still is not a “quick trip”. We stayed at the Hilton, about a 5 min cab (taxi) ride to the Merriot, where the train station is- first day was 2.5 hours from hotel to track!!! Maybe a bit of me being anxious and getting to the station over 30 min early! No need to, 30 seconds is fine. If you have a booked seat then there are no crowded que and shoving like the general train- but you NEED to book these seats before hand. We did in Nagoya a week or so before and could not find a way to do it in Toyko or Kyoto. My wife speaks Japanese (a fair bit but still struggles) and her friend currently living in Toyko and very fluent and both said you need to book from Nagoya station (seems weird to me!!). From the station in Suzuka its a 15-20min rough bus ride.

    The key for the bus ride is to get the 3 days worth of tickets on day one, you then avoid the ticket line. There are cabs, but dont bother, not far to travel and slow, so no advantage there.

    The bus will drop you a good 800m or so from the main gate- but I cant imagine a better walk into any circuit but maybe Spa or Monaco!

    There are hotels at the circuit, but you wont get one. There are probaly 10,000 Japanese fans outside the Flower Garden (I think??) hotel where the drivers stay- the drivers all travel the 400m in cars, or they wont get there :) The fans here are awesome to watch as they get a glimpse of the drivers coming past- well worth a sit and watch for 10 min just to see their reactions!!

    On Sat & Sun was probaly 1h15 – 1h30 to the circuit- much better. Knowing you can get there and get straight on and no bus ticket line up will say an hour. Getting home was hit & miss, but we missed our allocated seat every arvo but they still let you one with your expired ticket but you may have to stand.

    We chatted a fair bit with team members from Red Bull, Mercedes and Williams. 2 lots stayed in Nagoya and the other about half way in a little town- cant remember the name but sounded like the teams had all booked up right away. So Nagoya probably your best bet and a great city- we found a Yankee pub around the corner- great spot !!

    Hope that helps and have a great time !!!


    paul vinter


    Yes, I can confirm that it seems Nagoya is the way to go. My friend in Tokyo researched all the local hotels around Suzuka herself and found nothing much available so Nagoya is where we are staying. She did mention that the rate will often double for that period so perhaps best booking sooner rather than later.



    Hi guys, thanks for the advice. I have booked into a hotel in Nagoya for the Fri-Sun nights. Still trying to decide on what grandstand to sit in.
    All getting a bit exciting though – can not wait to spend time travelling around Japan.



    Looking at getting tickets to Grandstand Q2. But don’t know which zone (1, 2 or 3) is what from the pictures online. I believe zone 1 is closest to the pits and zone 3 is closer to turn 16/17 with zone 2 situated in between. Is this correct?

    Also, does anyone know how the rows are numbered going from bottom to top in Grandstand Q2? For example: A, B, C,…AA, BB, CC

    Reference: http://www.japan-grand-prix.com/2814-japan/


    Uditvanu Das

    Hi! So I’m going to be at the Japanese Grand Prix next weekend! :) Staying in Nagoya and shuttling in on Saturday and Sunday to watch FP3, Quali and the Race! :)

    Who else is there?

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