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Birthday suggestions

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    Hi everyone

    I want to buy tickets for my husband’s 50th birthday – does anyone have recommendations for nice hotels in Monte Carlo, and the best race tickets to buy?



    Caroline Miles

    Unless you go through a company offering packages I doubt you will find accommodation in Monte Carlo. That is why a lot of people stay in Nice where there are a wide range of hotels to choose from, although they all inflate their prices for the GP weekend. It depends how much you want to spend on race tickets, especially if it is for a special birthday. The tickets have been on sale since August/Sept time so a lot of the best tickets will have gone now. We always go in grandstand K, but the best seats which, in our opinion, are the first 2 sections of K grandstand have probably gone by now. Ed at Fugare F1 may be able to help you if you want something special, he contributes normally to these forums and is a great source of information if you aren’t sure what you want. We found our grandstand as a fluke the first year we went, and don’t believe there are any better views, unless you are paying for some of the hospitality options at megabucks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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