Going to the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

Going to the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

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    keith bird

    We sat in L high for 2012 & it was superb but if i go again it would have to be k high so you can see all of the pit lane as well as the run up to rascasse – Drove in from Italy on the morning of the race,busy but no real delays,instructions for the car park were a bit vague ,pre booked with our tickets but we found it ok – The rain at the end spoliled things slightly but Monaco is a must do!!
    The noise is unbeliveable & there are so many faces to recognise it is unreal!!!


    Teresa Weller

    Well hubby now knows about his present next year + is excited!! Could only afford a ticket for Sunday so we are in the stand after the exit from the tunnel. Accommodation in Monaco booked too + flights. Do you have to pre-book the resturaunts for dinner during Grand Prix weekend???


    Fugare1 Ed

    Hi Teresa

    If you want to go to one of the better restaurants or one of the Michelin star eateries you should certainly book. We do get tables last minute for guests but that’s with a lot of contacts and local knowledge in and around Monaco, I wouldn’t leave it to last minute for those and would book in advance. For other restaurants you will be able to get something without booking or by booking on the day/with a wait and there are plenty of restaurants in Monaco to choose from.

    Many will have set GP menus or sittings so I would advise you check them out before you commit just in case they are not suitable or too expensive.

    I hope that helps, if you like you can PM me with your email address and I’ll send you the restaurant list that we send to our Monaco GP guests, that should give you a decent starting point…although bear in mind that it will be out of date by the time of the race as the restaurant scene in Monaco changes regularly and we update the list as new restaurants open (if they’re good) and as others fall from favour or decline.

    Best wishes


    Fugare1 Ed

    Hi Aimee83

    Personally I would not go to the Cafe de Paris on Thursday if you want to see any of the race – you won’t see anything from the ground level cafe area.

    If it is just for being in a famous place like the Cafe de Paris then go for it and don’t forget to bring lots of euros :)

    Alternatively there are a number of decent restaurants on the start/finish straight or at Tabac corner in the harbour where you will get a much better view of the cars and lunch etc. will be included.

    If you need more info feel free to PM me.
    Kind regards




    I ordered 2 tickets direct from the ACM website 5 weeks ago. It was a pretty clunky buying experience with the website but it all completed ok (as far as I could tell) and the money was debitted from my credit card account shortly afterwards. However, I never received any email confirmation of the purchase, which makes me slightly nervous. And I can’t find any info about when I might receive the tickets.
    Is this normal? Need some reassurance if anyone can help please!


    Caroline Miles

    Hi Mike

    It is not the best of web sites, but normally works. If you e-mail them at the contact e-mail address they are usually very good at confirming. If the money has been taken out of your bank account should be OK. They send tickets out normally quite early compared to other circuits, eg January time.



    Hi Mike !
    You don’t have to be nervous at all. It is exactly the way this site works. I have bought from them 4 times the last four years and everything was excellent. You will receive normally about early 2013 your tickets with registered mail.
    If you have still though second thoughts about , you can call them and give them your details. The staff it is extremely kind. They will help you for sure.
    The Monaco GP it is an unbelievable experience! A lifetime experience.
    if someone wants help about the grandstands or anything else i will be very happy to help!


    Pauline Young

    Hi Mike
    I bought two tickets in K high 3/4 months ago and I felt similarly nervous about not receiving an email, so I emailed ACM and they responded straight away to confirm my tickets. Like you, I prefer something in writing when I shell out that kind of money!
    I use Firefox as my browser and found that the ACM site simply wouldn’t work with Firefox – I spent a frustrating few hours and had to temporarily change to IE to buy the tickets.



    Hello there,

    Just joined after deciding on my next holiday.
    Am doing a road trip starting in Bruges and ending in Santander. The highlight will be the GP.
    Will be my first European road trip and also my first GP. Never followed it so much before, was more into bikes, but i’ll be taking an avid interest this year.

    Got a hotel booked in Nice. Will hopefully be booking my grandstand tickets on Thursday.


    Lawrence Smith

    Hi everyone,
    Our family is fulfilling a life-long dream by attending the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix! I am originally English but married a South African and we now live in Pretoria in South Africa. We have previously been to the British (2008), Australian (2010) and Japanese (2012) Grand Prix. We are staying in a villa we booked through VBRO 2km outside Monaco. We have managed to get tickets in Stand K (not sure which section) after reading the advice on this forum (thanks Ed and others!). What I would really appreciate some advice on is where to go for dinner on Sat and Sun. Quite an age group to cater for as I am treating my Dad (very young 72!) who is joining us from England and my kids are 21, 19 and 15. We’d like somewhere that we can book now with a great vibe that is not ridiculous money! Many thanks, Lawrence


    Fugare1 Ed

    Hi Lawrence

    PM or email me and I’ll forward you the list we send to our guests with suggestions for restaurants. There are new restaurants or others closing and re-opening as something different all the time in Monaco.


    Fugare1 Ed

    Hi Lawrence and anyone else looking for info on Monaco restaurants, parties, etc.

    Lawrence – I’ve emailed you the restaurant list for Nice & Monaco along with some other info we send to our guests including an info pack which contains some of the things we do but also general tourist information including a map, details of opening times and ticket prices for some of the tourist attractions, info on public transport, etc. etc.

    Below is a previous post regarding restaurants, parties, etc. which may be of use also…

    …There is lots going on in Nice and Monaco over the GP weekend. Lots of different parties, lots of restaurants and bars obviously. Many parties come and go and quite frankly aren’t worth the money.

    Lots of the yachts, including ours, host yacht parties over the weekend with canapes, drinks, music etc. and we try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible but it being Monaco nothing comes cheap to put on in the first place.

    Rascasse is great for Friday night but the atmosphere seems to be very very different on Sunday night, for want of a better description the atmosphere on Friday is fun and exciting whereas Sunday seems to be more aggressive for some reason. Not sure shy but it’s been like that the last few times we and our guests have been.

    There are lots of other paying parties like Amber Lounge, Jimmy’z etc. but you are looking at 650 – 800 euro per person depending on the night for an individual pass with all drinks but no food…not to everyone’s taste or budget although you are pretty much guaranteed to see some F1 drivers.

    In Nice there are lots of tourist trap restaurants and lots of good, reasonable ones. If you PM me I will send you our suggested restaurants list that we send to our guests as a starting point.

    For Monaco you can also check out http://www.visitmonaco.com/us and http://www.restaurants-montecarlo.com/en/

    For Nice check out this blog http://www.allaboutnice.com/restaurants_in_Nice.html, I’m not sure the lady who started it is still adding to or updating it so I don’t know how up to date the restaurant reviews are but she offers great advice and restaurant reviews for Nice

    …also http://en.nicetourisme.com/

    Seasons greetings to all



    Hello all!
    Long time F1 fan; I have been to several F1 races in the 70’s and 80’s in the USA. Going to Europe this May/June and I will be going to the Monaco GP. I am taking my daughter Thursday (Grandstand K) . I am going Sunday solo and was looking at X1 and X2…any thoughts on these grandstands? I am also looking at T. I appreciate your thoughts!


    Caroline Miles

    Hi Brad

    You will be spoilt by going in K first especially if you get there early and manage to get on K1 or K2 and high up. Never been on X1 or X2 so cannot comment, but have done T. Everyone will have their own opinions, but would not recommend T for the race. We did T the first year we went (I think I am correct that these are the grandstands opposite the pits – apologies if not and disregard this!) You see the cars for such a short period of time and we felt quite isolated from what was going on around the track, even though we had a screen. We met some people who went on this grandstand every year as it was opposite the pits, but to be honest, I want to see the race, not watch mechanics in a garage doing a pit stop. That of course is my own personal opinion and I am sure others will disagree.




    Hi I am also for the first time going to the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix in a party of 4 (2 couples). We have our flights and a Hotel in Nice booked for our 10 day stay and although we have stayed in Nice and had many days in Monte Carlo before we are complete novices at the GP. We walked the track in 2010 the day prior to practice but that was as near as we have been to the race.
    As I am charged with booking everything I like the idea of-if I can use a quote from one of Ed’s replies-“Then you have non-catered balconies which are a little more expensive than grandstands (better than grandstands with cover from the elements, better views, open bar etc, and you can bring your own food – this keeps the cost down as there are no chefs/catering/etc).”
    I was wondering if this was the best option for us as we like the idea of this aspect of limited hospitality ie drinks but self cater but also a nice viewing position as well as cover.
    Can anyone offer further advice please regarding this? We need to be at the race on Sunday and like the sound of Rascase on a Friday night and final practice if possible.
    We are keen to book things as soon as possible as it looks like tickets/balconies book up soon?

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