Going to the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo


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    Does anyone have any feedback they can offer on the FanVision units available to hire please? BookF1 say they haven’t confirmed they will be available this year but I looked on the FanVision website and it does list Monaco so I assume they are. They’re also cheaper direct as well. Does anyone have any experience of them? Is it safe to book online direct with FanVision? Are the units worth the money? Thanks


    Glen Howell

    Hi there,
    I have used the Fanvision for a few years and would never go to another Grand Prix without one ! I have booked to collect mine in Monaco this year. I have used them at Silverstone and also in Montreal last year. Their people are alway shelpful and polite, and the service is good too. I have always booked direct.
    it is like having Sky Sports on your lap. If you are in a Grandstand, you will find lots of people asking you what is going on as the race unfolds.
    When the race was stopped in Montreal, I was the only person in the stand who knew what was happening !!



    Hi Glen, that’s fantastic feedback, thank you so much. I’d taken the plunge and booked one (direct with FanVision) as it’s for a surprise birthday for my other half and I wanted it to be the best experience for him. I’m so relieved with what you’ve said as I’d read a few reviews about signal issues and lack of picture and sound quality so hoped I’d done the right thing. Thanks again for your positive response, much appreciated.


    I’ve just gone for one too, haven’t used one at the GP’s I’ve been to before!

    I’ve got normal in-ear ear plugs to help with the car noise, I guess normal headphones plugged into this to listen to things on the FanVision won’t help with suppressing that noise?



    There’s a thought, do we plug our own regular ipod earphones into these gadgets or are earphones provided?


    Caroline Miles

    You get one set of earphones with the Fanvision, if there are 2 of you, you can use a splitter (they are not very expensive to buy – think ours cost about £7) and plug your own earphones into the other side of the splitter. Word of caution, we had all sorts of problems at Monaco last year with our Fanvision and it only worked properly for the Thursday. We were not on our own – when we took it back to the drop off point everyone was complaining. I am not sure if it is due to the location of Monaco with all the surrounding hills which affects the transmission. There were a lot of people on our grandstand that were having problems with getting a signal. We actually got a refund as the transmission was so hit and miss, so I hope ithey have managed to get this sorted out for this year.



    Hi Caroline, thanks for your feedback. I really hope they’ve sorted it too but thanks for the warning, at least if I can create a worst case vision for him he’ll be less disappointed if it’s not 100%. Thanks again.

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