Going to the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

Going to the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

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    Keith Collantine

    Discussion area for people going to the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix.



    Me and my family are going for the first time in 2012. We are Brazilians.
    I have read some comments and suggestions on the last seasons discussion and it already helped a lot (congrats to all that participated!), but I still have some questions of my own:

    1) I see positive reviews of bookf1.com and formula1monaco.com.
    What about http://www.monaco-grand-prix.com? Has anyone ever bought from there? They have good prices in some sectors and I am thinking in buying there.

    2) On these websites, you don’t choose the actual seats you are getting, right? Just the sector?
    This concerns me because in some sectors, like T or K, it can make a huge difference if you are on one edge or the other of the stand.

    3) On the Friday of the grand prix week, there are no practices or anything.
    Does the city’s restaurants, the casino, etc. open and have non-restricted accesses (given that you book in advance of course)?
    What is a good bar/ restaurant you recommend where one might be lucky enough to spot some drivers or celebrities during day or night?

    Thanks in advance folks.



    @ Adriano: I have bought my tickets from monaco-grand-prix.com. I think it said delivery was in early 2012 so I’ll let you know how it went when the tickets get here. I bought X2 sector tickets and did not choose seat numbers. Judging by the pictures of the stands, I think there aren’t any seat numbers at all and my guess is you have to show up early to sit where you want..

    The question I have is pretty simple. Are we allowed to bring DSLR cameras to the race?


    Caroline Miles

    In the grandstands the seats are numbered, and apart from Thursday, when the seats are not allocated so it is first come first served, you are only allowed to sit in your allocated seat. There are stewards on each stand who show you to your allocated seat and in some cases, evict the chancer that is sat in at at that time.



    Hi all!

    My wife is a die hard F1 fan (eyes on the TV, laptop on her knees keeping tabs on race times) who’s turning 50 this year and I am thinking of surprising her with a trip to Nice/Monaco for this year’s Grand-Prix, since she never attended one.

    I’ve read some of the posts here and in other forums and, as such, am already mildly informed but I still have some questions:

    1. I am targeting on the T (high) stands for the Thursday practice and then the K (high) for Sunday, the race day. How do you find this selection?

    2. For such an expensive venue (at least, as K stands on Sunday will be) I find it rather strange that one cannot book a specific seat, especially since the seats are numbered. Is there any site where this can be accomplished?

    3. I am not that much into F1 but I am definitely into photography and always on the look out for great photographic subjects. This a dream one, obviously.

    I have read that in earlier editions, access to public spaces around the track is not restricted? Is this true?

    If it is true do you feel that it would be more effective for me (from a photographic stand point) to skip on the expensive tickets for myself, just buying them for my wife and, instead, venture along the track for some photographic harvesting and then joining her at the end of the events?

    If so, would you advise me to do it on both days, only Thursday or only Sunday (…I’d rather be with my wife on the race day…)

    Thank you for any replies and DO expect more questions :)



    Caroline Miles

    Hi Ze

    The best site for your ticket requirements is the official Automobile Club of Monaco site. You need to follow the links for your race tickets on there. This will allow you to actually select your seat, however, these have been on sale for quite some time now so I am not sure what availability is like on the high part of the grandstands. The access to the track is restricted during the event itself, the track only being opened up at the end of the day, think it is about 6.30pm in the evening, otherwise you are only able to view the action on the track from your allocated grandstand. Thursday’s tickets are not like in some circuits, roving tickets, they are not allocated seat numbers, but are for a specific grandstand only.

    If you are keen to get some good shots, and are prepared to pay out a little more money for Thursday, we did the hospitality option last year at La Caravelles which gives a view over about 3/4 of the circuit – even the F1 official press photographers were up there taking photos. My husband is an avid F1 fan and keen photographer and was beside himself with the photo opportunities that this afforded him.




    This is a small, SMALL world…My wife knows you!

    She works at Honda Portugal and you took good care of her at some F1 tests at Jerez de La Frontera, some years ago. :)

    That hospitality thing at La Caravelles…I have checked that out and it seems to be a Corporate Hospitality thing only…Is it opened to “common folks” like us Thursday, for a fee?…is that it?

    Thank you SO much for your input.



    Caroline Miles

    Hi Ze

    Sorry, you have the wrong Caroline.

    La Caravelles provides a package that could be deemed corporate hospitality as you get all your food and drink provided, but it is open to anyone, doubt they care who you are as long as you pay your money. We booked through BookF1 last year and we were able to do this for just the 2 of us. We were on a table where there were couples who appeared to have done the same thing as us. I would never do this on race day due to not only the cost but also the atmosphere, on race day you cannot beat being with the proper fans, but for a one off special definitely worth it. We are actually on a boat this year for Thursday with Fugare F1,although the views will not be like from La Caravelles, but we wanted to go for the experience .



    Hi all!

    I’m planning to go this year, but am currently having a bit of a heated discussion with my brother about our options. My brother wants to spend about 3K on some massive VIP extravaganza whilst I would rather choose normal accommodation in Nice and get a ticket on Stand K that offered a decent elevated view. I just want to watch the race!

    My brother won a competition last year and stayed on the Ferrari yacht, watching the race from there.
    He told me that during the day spectators are effectively trapped on the stands during the different races and that there is not access at those times to either food or drink stands……
    I’m not sure I believe that at all – he may be trying to add weight to the benefits of not going for a standard grandstand ticket. Can anyone clarify to me what the deal is? I really don’t believe that’s the case…



    Caroline Miles

    Hi Helixios

    I think your brother is defintely trying to twist your arm. In the 3 years to date (this will be our 4th) of going to Monaco, we have always been allowed to leave the grandstand when we wished and there are food and drink stalls located underneath K grandstand (which is where we always sit.) It does get very busy in between the track action with people all trying to move at the same time, but you need to be patient. Loads of places to get food in the streets as well, and if I am honest at prices which are not as excessive as we expected. You could make it feel a little more special by staying in Nice and flying in by helicopter (although we did this last year and I have to say was not really that impressed, much prefer going in on the boat from Nice.)



    Hi all,
    My girlfriend and I were planning on going to Monaco to watch the race. I want to try and get the best seats possible for our budget(around £400 each per seat) and i was hoping someone could recommend the best seats available and also where to book our tickets. We were leaning slightly towards section K or O, more so section K in the upper section. Is this a good choice?

    Thanks to anyone who replies :)




    Thanks Caroline! – I booked K High in the end! :) – Looking forward to it!



    Hi, I’ve got grandstand tickets for the race on sunday, and was thinking of riding a motorbike into Monaco. I know car parking is probably impossible but does anyone know about parking a bike? Any advise would be much appreciated.


    Fugare1 Ed

    Hi Thomas

    Bike is no problem although to park near the track you should have an official pass of some description (resident, ACM, official, etc.). You can wing it and you might get lucky but I’ve seen loads of scooters and bikes being loaded onto lorries and the owners are then charged a lot of euros to get them back from the police. Better to book a parking space in one of the underground parking lots or park in, depending where you’re viewing from, Fontvielle/out by the Monte Carlo Bay hotel and walk.

    Hope that helps.



    Hi FugareF1 Ed,

    Thanks for your reply. Having only been to Monaco a couple of times, not during the F1, how do I go about booking an underground carpark? I’ve googled all sorts and haven’t really come up with much. We are sitting near the swimming pool area, thanks again.

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