Going to the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

Going to the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

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    The boat is a great idea! Can you get it just one way if we decided to stay later in Monaco and get the train back?


    Caroline Miles

    Hi Alex

    Yes you can. Assuming you are going to free practice on Thursday You will have to walk down to the harbour on Friday (cannot book in advance with them) and book your boat – there are a couple of times they depart and return but you can book for just one way. As you walk around the headland from Nice towards the harbour the booking kiosk is on the right hand side, they do boat trips to Cannes etc and is (unless things have changed from last year) the only place that you can book on the harbour. You need to walk down the hill until it levels out and it is next to the diving trip kiosk.


    Andy Barrass

    Roughly how much is the boat trip, sounds like a fantastic idea. We are staying very close to the harbour so ideal for us.

    Just wanted to say this site is a great source of information, expect a few question from us over the next few weeks, our first time at the Monaco Grand Prix, then on to Barcelona for the MotoGP can’t wait!!



    Good day to all,

    Might be a little late but would like to seek opinion regarding Yacht Hospitality matters in the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix..

    What should we look out for if we were to book a package and what’s a reasonable price for a Sat-Sun package? What would the dress code(if any) be like and are Yacht package patrons generally given circuit general admissions access?

    That’s quite a handful for a first post but Thank You in advance!


    Caroline Miles

    Hi Andy

    The boat is 57 Euros return – not cheap, but adds a touch of the glamour to the weekend and if the weather is good is a lovely way to go in. You can do just one way which is obviously cheaper but they only take so many people and you have to book your return time.

    JK – Eds your man for your question.


    Andy Barrass

    Thanks, I don’t think that sounds too bad, will def use the boat one or two days if the weather is up to it.


    Robert Whyte

    Hi everyone
    Going to Monaco for the first time , this year and really looking forward to it. We have booked K1 high for race day and T for qualifying. I’ve heard that there is a pit lane walk on Friday afternoon but I can’t seem to find any confirmation that this is happening this year. I wonder if anyone else would know?
    Many thanks in advance.


    Booked the boat for race day leaving at 8.30 and returning at 6, thanks for all the info!



    Alex – How did you book the boat? Can you give me the website please?

    Robert – I am led to believe their is a Pit Walk this year as I bought my tickets from BookF1 and they told me I get to attend Pit Walk as I have tickets for all weekend so I doubt they’d have said that if it wasn’t to be on.


    I booked through this site here, the guy I spoke to said they do one way tickets to Monaco but only leaving at 8.30am




    Thanks very much Alex


    Andy Barrass

    Thanks Alex!!


    Teresa Weller

    Hiya – not sure if someone can help me. My husband is 50 next year + his present is the Grand Prix in Monaco. Have already booked the accommodation in Monaco, so just the tix to get. He wants to be near the tunnel so he can hear the roar of the engines. Will he hear them with ear plugs i?!? Ha!!

    Anyone know of anything I can either pre-book or pay for, to make his weekend extra special??

    Thank you :) Teresa


    Caroline Miles

    Hi Teresa

    Believe me, you don’t need to be near the tunnel to hear the roar of the engines! Monaco echoes with the sound of the engines. I am also not aware of any grandstands near the tunnel, the closest ones I believe are the K1 and K2 grandstands on the harbour which is at the bottom of thehill as they come out of the tunnel. You can still hear the engines with ear plugs. For my husband’s 50th, I booked for us to go hospitatility on the Thursday – hospitality on the Thursday gives you chance to enjoy the high life at a fraction of qualy and race day prices. We did one of the apartments for his 50th, but this year are trying the boat instead for the Thursday. As we stayed in Nice rather than Monaco we also flew in by helicopter. There are parties on some evenings that the hospitality companies organise, or some do receptions with some current/ex drivers which may also be something to make it extra special. At the end of the day, Monaco has a vibe and buzz all on its own and I am sure he will be delighted with whatever you do.



    Hi everyone,

    This is my 1st trip to the Monaco Gran Prix!! So excited!! We’ve book our tickets for Sunday but having a bit of a nightmare looking for somewhere to stay :/ I’ve booked flights 23rd – 30th, could anyone give any tips on places or areas nearby to stay? Thinking about renting a nice apartment as we’re finding it very difficult to find a hotel (stupidly left it very late) There’s only two of us… I bought the tickets for my Boyfriend as a surprise for his Birthday and was also wondering if anyone could suggest something to add the cherry on top to the whole thing, he now knows we’re going away but would like to make it that extra little bit special. Thank you so much for any help or suggestions you can give :)


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