Going to the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

Help with Monaco grandstand tickets – surprise birthday present

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    sarah antico

    Hi All,

    I am surprising my boyfriend with tickets to the Monaco Gran Prix in 2013 for his 30th Birthday as he is a mad fan but only ever watches it from our couch on the weekends. I am prepared to pay for tickets in Grandstand K as it appears from this forum to be the best seats for the Sunday. I have been looking at the http://www.formula1monaco.com website to buy tickets and there are no longer any high seats available in K1-K2 high. Is it better to buy the low seats in K1 (front section Seat D 3 & D 4) K2 (middle section Seat J 26 & J 27) or try and get higher in K3-K4. I would like to be in seats where you can see the F1 cars come out of the tunnel and around the corner/swimming pool. The highest seat available in K3 is Row 0 Seat 9 & 10 and in k4 the highest available is ZB 1 & ZB 2.

    how far up do you have to be in K1-K2 to see the exit from the tunnel and is it possible to see the exit from K3-K4? If so, does any one know how high you need to be in K3-K4?

    I’d appreciate any help or advise from any fans that have been before or first timers to Monaco.

    I am not going to buy tickets to the Saturday beforehand – is it easy to get grandstand tickets or hospitality packages last minute on the day? If so, does any one have any advise of the best way to buy last minute tickets?

    Thanks so much for your help, I really want to buy the best tix for my boyfriend!




    Hi Sarah,

    I was in K1 lower Row I last year, about 3 seats in from the edge. It was a good seat, but the tunnel is a long way away so I wouldn’t say you see a great deal of action up there. You probably want to be almost half way up K1-K2 high to see it better.
    Being in the lower section meant the fence was in the way for some of the straight, which I assume would only be worse for K2 onward. As you know, you want to be as far left (facing the track) and as high as possible.

    If you put a gun to my head, I would lean towards getting the highest seats you can going no further than K4 over the lower seats.

    Would you consider using a website like bookf1.com? I used them last year as I was late buying tickets and I’m glad I did. I have no affiliation with them in any way, they were just accommodating and willing to work with me around my specifications. It would be worth checking with them to see if they have any K1 High tickets.

    Anyhow, the pictures on the http://www.formula1monaco.com website give you a pretty good indication on the actual view so make sure you check them out if you haven’t already.

    Hope that helps a little. Unfortunately I can’t help you with your other questions.



    Fugare1 Ed

    Hi Sarah

    I hope you managed to find something you are happy with, if you have then please do let us know here as your decision and thoughts will no doubt help others.

    For the Saturday you will always be able to find something last minute, whether it is good or not is a matter of luck if you don’t know what is being offered. You might have seen on other posts here that I mention having stopped folks buying poor locations when I overheard them being missold or oversold by the seller in terms of the view etc. If you do decide to leave it to the day then feel free to take my 24hour number from our website and call or text me with what you’re being offered and I’ll let you know if it is a good deal.

    If you do have time please post what decisions you made on hotels, transport, additional activities, etc. as the info will no doubt be of use to others looking to go to the monaco grand prix 2013.
    Good luck and great present for your boyfriend, he will love it.


    Caroline Miles

    Hi Sarah

    Unfortunately those in the know will buy the tickets as early as possible as Monaco is one of the few races where you can choose your seat. Tickets didn’t used to go on sale until early December but they have started putting them on sale around July time now so the highest seats get snapped up very quickly (bit of a painful hit as they went on sale about the same time as the British GP for 2013!.) You might get lucky on the Saturday but as Ed says it is a gamble and last year for the first time I can remember the ticket offices were doing a roaring trade on Thursday and on Saturday a lot of the grandstands were sold out for Saturday and Sunday. If you are planning to do the 3 days would recommend buying in advance as you get Thursday’s ticket free if you book a 3 day ticket via the ACM web site (that is the official Monaco web site.)

    We are Monaco veterans, although I think next year will be our last (it will be our 6th time) and think it is time to sample some of the other circuits out there, so if you want any tips/assistance please feel free to ask there are a lot of people on this forum who are like us so can pool our knowledge to help you make it special for your other half. He will love it, Monaco is a must do for any F1 fan. Not the most exciting of circuits, but the noise (because of it being a street circuit) and the glamour of it take some beating (although Abu Dhabi is giving it a run for its money now.)

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