Going to the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

Thursday Viewing – Balconies/Hospitality?

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    Hello everyone!

    We have our grandstand tickets for Saturday and Sunday and understnad there are ‘roaming’ seating options on the Thursday.

    Instead of this I was hoping there are slighly cheaper hospitaliy options on the Thursday for 6 people. Currently all I can find SAT/SUN and uber expensive.

    Any help appreciated.


    Caroline Miles

    Hi Adam

    Please note there are no roving options at Monaco on Thursday. Your ticket allows you acces to the grandstand it is issued for only, the difference on Thursday is that they are not allocated seats unlike Saturday/Sunday when they are.

    Fugare (Ed participates in this forum so he may contact you directly) Just Tickets and Select Motor Racing in the UK offer Thursday options at reasonable prices. Depends how much you want to spend but we tend to do the hospitality on the Thursday and then spend Sat/Sun with the hardcore F1 fans in the grandstands.


    Fugare1 Ed

    Hi Adam

    I know you posted last week so I hope this is still of some use….

    There are a few options for Thursday at the monaco grand prix – from balconies (catered/hospitality or non catered) and yachts to restaurants along the circuit. Prices vary quite a bit on the restaurants and I’m not sure what other hospitality companies are charging but if you would like our pricing and options for Thursday and some suggestions for restaurants or if you simply want to pick my brains or have some queries just email or pm me.

    Please do take a few minutes to post your decisions and choices as the information will help others in the same position.

    Best wishes

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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