Going to the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

Where to sit and where to watch at Monte-Carlo?

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    Keith Collantine

    Where are the best places to watch from at Monte-Carlo?


    Pink Peril

    I went GA in 2006 & although I had the birds eye view of Rascasse-gate, if I ever went to Monaco again I’d mortgage the house & buy a grandstand seat. The GA area is very small, and its up the side of the hill. So unless you are a mountain goat, it is not easy to access or get comfortable in for a whole day. There are also thousands of people crammed into the tiny space, so forget about leaving your hard earned spot & going for a wander. While there is a giant screen there, there are also a lot of trees & foiliage blocking the view of it, and you can literally only see about 50 metres of track in front of you. Whilst the atmosphere was great – it was Monaco after all – I’d far rather have a seat & a smaller bank balance than cling to a mountain in the dirt & trees. Did I mention the hill is all dirt? It’d be absolutely awful if it rained. Some friends went a year or two after me & took my advice to get a seat (lucky, because it rained the whole day) and sat in K stand with a view out over the bay & the view of the cars as they headed towards La Piscine. They loved it & said they would sit there again.

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