Going to the Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Catalunya

Best seats at Circuit de Catalunya?

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    Laura Gould

    Does anyone have advice on the best seats? Hoping to go to the 2013 race and not been before so any advice welcomed! Thanks!


    David M?â??ller

    Well … ‘I’ is a covered tribune with good view to the last chicane and the main-straight … and ‘G’ (uncovered) is great for the full view of the CAMPSA ‘Infield’ with 30 sec. view of the cars …



    We were in grandstand E this year, just before turn-1 and would thoroughly recommend it. A lot of action to see in turn-1 of course and you can see the cars coming down the main straight and out the pits. You can also see across to the other part of the track coming the other way through turns 6 and 7.

    That said, the track seemed to cater very well for spectators and I think you’d get a good view from pretty much anywhere! Even the general admission seemed to get good views.

    We hired a car and had parking just to the west of the track in zone-F which was very quick to get in and out of.

    Not sure if these links will work, but this was our view:


    Barcelona is also very nice!



    Rob Andrews

    Hi Laura,

    We went to the Barcelona GP for the first time this year and had a fantastic race. We sat in grandstand ‘G’ (between turns 12 and 13) and could see the cars for 20% of their entire lap time! You can see the circuit map here.

    I took a little video with my BlackBerry of Jenson Button in practice to show how much we could see:

    A tip: Take your own food to the circuit. I’ve been to Grands Prix in France, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Germany and England, but the food at Barcelona was easily the worst on offer.

    Have fun!



    We were in stand M this year, which is the only covered stand apart from the pit straight, you will be extremely exposed to a VERY hot sun in the uncovered stands. It’s a pretty good view from there too, you can see the first corner, then they disappear behind, the reappear for turn five I believe it was, then off into the distance, we were more than happy with M.

    Covered stand at Silverstone to keep out of the rain, and covered stand in Spain to keep out of the sun . . . .lolz


    Ian Lockwood

    We’re looking at L for 2013.

    “The grandstand L is located on the outside of the Seat left-hander, a 90km/h 2nd gear left-hander hairpin and the slowest corner on the circuit. This grandstand, which can accommodate approximately 1500 spectators, is exceptionally high and arguably offers you the best panoramic view on the circuit. You can see the main straight, the whole Elf Corner, the entrance to the Renault Corner, a section of the Repsol Corner and obviously the Seat Corner right down to Würth Corner”

    The video below gives an overview. If you click through to watch the video on youtube, and look at the channel owners other videos, you can see a similar presentation for all other stands. Written descriptions and pictures from each stand are available at http://www.montmelotickets.com/?pictures-grandstands-gp-barcelona,55


    Keith Collantine

    Worth having a look here too by the way:

    Where to sit and where to watch at Circuit de Catalunya?



    How about seats at F tribune? Are they any good? Is there a good view on a TV screen as well?
    In my experience the best stand for watching the overtaking is at the end of a long straight!
    G and H look good, but can you see any overtaking there?



    We’re also looking at L for 2013 and looking at H as well.. .bit concerned that L might be a bit isolated and not have many facilities nearby… tricky to get to too


    Gwannel Sandiego

    I went for testing in February, so can’t comment on actual racing obviously, but I made my way around the bulk of the circuit. I liked the view from G the best of the stands I went into. L looks good from the picture above, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t accessible during testing


    Ian Lockwood

    Pretty sure access to L is easier than it may first appear. If you take a look at http://www.ticketmaster.es/nav/galerias/imagenes_landings/deportes/mapa-cast_eng.jpg
    You can obviously enter L via the bridge before turn 4 using gates 6 or 7, but there is access from the F1 Village / Main straight area by using the tunnel under the circuit at stand K and the bridge or tunnel either side of turn 5. This area also has a covered grandstand (M), and the priveliege standing areas, and a merchandising area so pretty sure the facilities will be OK too.



    @rob Andrews can you remember which zone you were in grandstand G? Just looking at the tickets now and they are split between zones 1-6 and 18-24 with different prices for each. Thanks!

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