Going to the Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Catalunya

Newbie and first timer…

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    Background: I am a 50 year old female who was into F1 20 years ago (back when Nigel Mansell was da bomb!). I am recently married and got my husband to watch “Rush” which turned him into a bit of a gear head (we just got His-and-Her Jaguars).

    We are going to be in Barcelona for our honeymoon during the race and he is interested in attending. I haven’t been to a race since it existed in Long Beach, California. For a complete and total newbie, what would be the best section to buy seats in? He will be into a more one-day experience versus the three-day extravaganza.

    I plan on getting him to start watching all the races when they start in March and he is the type of guy that will want to know all the background info. But any guidance would be most appreciated!



    @carriet To be fair I don’t think there is a really bad stand in Spain as due to the track lay out you get a pretty good view from most places.
    As a first timer the main start finish line is good as its great to see the beginning of a race and all that goes on in the pits but that stand will have the most limited view of the track as a whole. For me I would go for K. L or G. The prices are reasonable and the views from any of these is good. We were in K last year and we will be in L this year.
    Which ever you choose good luck and have a great weekend.



    The one thing I have to say about Barcelona is not relevant to the race but more geared up about Barcelona itself. If you are staying in Barcelona then be careful with your possessions. There is a massive network of pickpockets so be careful about getting distracted by people in the street and never keep your bag swung over the back of your chair. I used to live in Barcelona so I’m not exaggerating.



    Hi, i’m new here as well and we booked our hotel near Balmes, and Claris. We were wondering about the bus transportation as well. I understand there is a bus transit strictly to and from the track back to the city. Is there a location where these buses are located? Historically are they around the same area? Also are there any festivals or fan fest we can sight see as well pertaining to the event? We booked other hop on/off and day tours but was also interested in any local events. Much appreciated!!!

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