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Historic F1 for COTA support bill

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    Keith Collantine

    Historic F1 cars will be part of the support bill at the first United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas. Here’s the press release:

    Circuit of The Americas is proud to announce the Historic Grand Prix (HGP) as the first support series for the 2012 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix, November 16-18. The Historic Grand Prix organisation provides a glimpse into the sport’s past for both drivers and fans. It is comprised of more than 50 owner-drivers of authentic, vintage Formula One™ cars from the FIA 3-litre Formula model that ran from 1966-1983. The focus of the organisation is to preserve the historically correct presentation and on-track performance of the cars.

    “The cars of Historic Grand Prix encompass Formula One’s Golden Era of the late 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s when the dramatic on-track action and distinctive personalities captured the imagination of a fast-growing, world-wide audience,” said Director of Historic Grand Prix James King. “HGP honors the brave drivers of these cars and the innovative designers and fabricators who crafted them without the aid of computers or wind tunnels by showcasing the authentic original cars in an exciting and colorful race at the Circuit of The Americas.”

    HGP gives spectators the opportunity to see these classic racing cars up close and immerse themselves in the history of Formula One racing. Some of the cars’ original mechanics continue to prepare and maintain these unique vehicles, while the drivers take pride in honoring the original pilots of these iconic cars. HGP currently races all over North America at circuits such as Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Quebec, Canada, and Watkins Glen Raceway in upstate New York.

    “Historic Grand Prix is a great compliment to the USGP as it allows our fans to see the technical and innovative progression of Formula 1 racing cars,” said Circuit Executive Vice President Bruce Knox. “Many of the HGP cars are legendary and include Mario Andretti’s Lotus 79 that won the 1978 World Driving Championship, Niki Lauda’s 1976 Ferrari 312-T2 that finished 2nd in 1976 and was part of his 1977 World Championship and Gilles Villeneuve’s 1980 Ferrari 312-T5. Historic Grand Prix is a series that was widely requested by our customers and we are pleased that it will be included as a USGP support race.”

    “Having the rolling museum of Historic Grand Prix together with the modern F1 cars will thrill new and old fans alike,” said Historic Grand Prix driver, Bud Moeller. “F1 back in the United States again is what we’ve all been hoping for, and driving a new track is a great equaliser. I’m really looking forward to it!”

    More details on dates and times for the Historic Grand Prix at Circuit of The Americas will be found at http://www.CircuitofTheAmericas.com in the coming months. More information on the HGP organisation and participating drivers can be found at http://www.historicgrandprix.com.



    Looks like it should be a fun event, hopefully the organisers manage to arrange a couple of other cool support races.

    I remember that after the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix, there were some suggestions that F1 should get rid of a lot of inventions like carbon brakes, electronics etc. I think that series like HGP serve as a good reminder that you cannot turn back the time, I mean, historic cars should be raced by amateurs in fun events, while F1 should always represent the modern, up-to-date technology.

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