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Frijns to race in Monaco


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    Keith Collantine

    Despite scoring more points than anyone else in Spain, Robin Frijn’s participation in the rest of the GP2 season is in doubt.

    However he does at least know he will be doing this weekend’s races in Monaco:

    It depressing to see a driver with Frijns’ talent having to scratch around to get a seat like this. Hopefully some sponsor with a bit of sense and plenty of cash will get on board.



    How great would it be if McGregor would realize Frijns has a gazillion times more potential than VDG?



    Shameful thing that this sport is so dependent on money. I hope Frijns gets a seat in F1 next year. He is the test driver for Sauber, a team which is usually very good at spotting talent.


    R.J. O’Connell

    I don’t see how Hilmer could take him out of the car as long as he keeps winning, even with the money issues.


    Max Jacobson

    Sponsorship should be equivocal to talent: surely you’d want to be associated with the best for your company? I struggle to see why sponsors would associate themselves with an inferior “product”, making them look like the weaker competitors…


    Prisoner Monkeys

    @andae23 – I’m pretty sure van der Garde has a family connection to McGregor.



    Yeah, he sure does



    In a world where all the drivers need sponsormoney, I fail to see why Vd Garde does not deserve financial backing. He is good enoigh for it.

    I feel confident that Frijns will drive F1 at some point if he keeps delivering. When he manages to do that all by himself, that’s even more impressive!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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