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GP2 Singapore 2013

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    Bradley Downton

    An accident on the slow down lap, on the entrance to the support race pitlane..

    GP2 never ceases to amaze me.



    haha that was quite something, that incident

    it’s great to see the championship still open, my opinion is that both of them (bird and leimer) deserve a seat in f1!



    An unusual accident but you can’t blame either of the drivers for it. It was wrong place at the wrong time in the most bizzar way.


    Keith Collantine

    Here’s what happened:

    Rossi was turning into the support race pit lane, Leimer didn’t realise and was going straight on. Fortunately only cars and pride were damaged.



    Why was Rossi turning in from so far on the right? Must have been a last minute decision surely



    Seems like an odd place for the support pitlane too.

    I really wish I was feeling a little better, I don’t think I’ve missed both GP2 races completely before, but this flu has been keeping me down all week.

    Race 2 results:

    1. S. Bird Russian Time 40:36.444
    2. M. Ericsson DAMS +5.787
    3. F. Leimer Racing Engin. +7.745
    4. S. Richelmi DAMS +9.311
    5. J. Lancaster Hilmer +17.885
    6. J. Cecotto Jr. Arden +34.140
    7. D. de Jong MP Motorsport +56.282
    8. A. Quaife-Hobbs Hilmer +57.159


    1. Fabio Leimer 179
    2. Sam Bird 172
    3. Felipe Nasr 148
    4. Stefano Coletti 135
    5. James Calado 134

    Coletti extends his non-score streak to 9 races. Not counting people who didn’t score deep into the season (Berthon), his non-score streak is shorter than Binder, with 11 races or de Jong, who waited 12 races since his maiden point at Monaco race 1. Thing is, those guys weren’t rumored to be going to Sauber or Force India just a few months ago..

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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