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    Iestyn Davies

    Don’t know why, but I can’t view your work, Fixy – it certainly sounds very interesting! I’m getting a ‘server error’.

    GP2 will keep everything the same for the next 3 year cycle (til 2016?) simply to not increase running costs. A season already costs £1.5m! Increasing costs could squeeze drivers/teams out like the smaller struggling F1 teams this year. FR3.5 costs half as much, so talents with less backing usually end up there. Red Bull place their young drivers there, even though they could place them in GP2. Caterham are now exclusively in GP2, with their own junior team, and Alexander Rossi their young driver there.

    The junior ladders are a good example of the spec series working well for driver talent – F1 is the endgame where everything else comes in to play. As we can see, Hamilton, Rosberg, Hulkenberg etc. are the elite talents that can win GP2 first time out. We could see Marciello or Vandoorne possibly join that elite list in 2014. Kubica won WSR first time out (while Vettel was doing exactly this in 2007, but was fast-tracked into F1 instead). Ricciardo and Vergne also came close to winning first time out, while Frijns won it first time amid some controversy (taking out Bianchi to do so!).

    Basically, the whole F1 grid has won junior titles, and the best at their first try (GP2, GP3, F3, FR3.5, FR2.0, Karting), except Chilton, who eventually got some top 5 finishes along the way. There’s no denying that he’s making the most of his ability, however, so it’s an interesting case study in how much you can ‘make’ an F1 driver, in that respect.



    Am I the only one here who thinks Marciello is a tad bit overrated?



    @fastiesty I feared that might happen: tried using OneDrive instead of Dropbox. Have uploaded them to the latter now, you should see them all here.


    Iestyn Davies

    @wsrgo – Indeed, he was bested at the Florida Winter Series, and didn’t stand out from that talented field (which has convinced Max Verstappen to jump straight into F3, after testing FR2.0).

    @fixy – Now, my PC won’t handle PNG – frustrating! But, I could see them in the browser and save as bitmap (with a loss in quality, so browser is best). I’ve used Sky-drive myself for uni work, so if it’s now going wrong, at least I have graduated already. Very interesting the amount of team turnover in F3000.. now in GP2, it’s basically a franchise operation. It would be very interesting to rank the franchises with their winning stats together!



    because the cars are all identical and only differ in setup/driver/team

    Never knew that this was the case in GP2. That’s pretty cool.



    There’s a new tyre rule in the feature race for 2014:
    New sporting rules for the 2014 season – GP2 series
    Drivers must use two different sets of tyres in the feature race (if it’s dry) – this makes it like the tyre rule in F1, and so there may be more cars running at different speeds in the race because they’re on different tyres. I guess it means, sadly, no more quick stops to change just 2 tyres, unless someone decides to stop twice in the race.



    I really don’t like these mandatory pit-stop rules (other than a rule saying that at least 1 pit stop should be made). I don’t recall very well, but most races are short enough that a mandatory change like this is somewhat silly; I think we’d have had more variety if teams were left to their own strategies and could do a quick stop to change only the fronts or only the rears, like @tomsk said.

    I think the GP2 formula is fantastic, and is a refreshing contrast to F1 (up to the driver to show his skill, rather than being advantaged/disadvantaged by their car).


    Iestyn Davies

    The feature race mandatory stop rule is primarily to even up the competition – last year, Sam Bird and then Jolyon Palmer were going Hard-Hard to win the feature, bagging the most points available each weekend, and sacrificing the sprint race on Softs. If anything, mandatory stops should be in GP2 and not F1.


    Iestyn Davies

    Races Wins Win % Races before win
    ART 191 34
    Russian Time (iSport) 191 24
    Campos (Addax) 191 21
    Rapax (Piquet) 191 18
    Racing Engineering 191 17
    DAMS 191 15
    Arden 191 15
    MP (Coloni/Fisichella) 191 12
    Trident 168 8
    Carlin (David Price) 191 7
    Caterham (Durango) 159 7
    Lazarus (Super Nova) 191 7
    Hilmer (Ocean) 191 6

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