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Video: Ten cars eliminated in Monaco GP2 crash

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    Keith Collantine

    Serenelli, Richelmi, Valsecchi, Cecotto, Coletti, Dillmann, Guerin, Nasr, Teixeira and Onidi were all eliminated on lap one at the start of the GP2 sprint race:

    Seems all were OK including Nasr who was terrifyingly launched over the back of another car.



    Well actually I don’t think all 1o were eliminated in that one incident. Colleti and another guy went out in turn one in a separate incident. I think only 6 were eliminated through the above incident.

    But still, horrifying nontheless.



    Not safe at all. The grid should have been split in half for 2 separate races.



    The FIA have looked into the incident(s) and given Hamilton a 10 place grid penalty for tomorrow’s F1 race.



    It is slightly reminiscent of Spa 1998



    I am glad that the GP2 cars are so safe as well. Otherwise the current F1 drivers would have to drive till they are 80 before one of the GP2 drivers would eventually survive the carnage and be able to proceed into F1 to replace them.
    It really does show that they are trying though.


    Bradley Downton

    @matt90 and @pjtierney – Hahaha

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