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2013 FIA/SRO GT World Series (GT1 Sprint Series & Blancpain Endurance Series)

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    This is what is replacing the GT1 World Championship next year, as well as incorporating the Blancpain Endurance Series race into it.

    Made up of 7 Sprint Series races (GT1 World Champ. format: 5×2 1-hour races) and 5 Endurance races (Blancpain Endurance Series format – 3×3-hour races, 1×6-hour race and 1×24-hour race).

    Teams that enter both sets of races are eligible for the GT1 World Series Teams & Manufacturers titles. But both the sprint and Endurance series will have their own championships and titles as well.

    Contrary to the name, as with 2012, the series will be run to GT3 spec, which is pretty much the top GT spec anyway, so why they still call it GT3 I don’t know. So hopefully all the GT1 favourites like Hexis, All-Inkl and Vita-4-One will be there. Apparently the Seb Loeb Red Bull McLaren will attend a few races too. I imagine Rossi will be back in his F458 too.

    Should be brilliant. Really enjoyed these SRO series over the past 3 years, so bringing them properly together into one championship will hopefully lead to great things. Fingers crossed for a British round. Blancpain had a Silverstone race last summer. I’ll aim for that one.

    I found out about it here:


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Loeb has confirmed that he will drive a McLaren in GT racing at some point during 2013.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I thought I’d bump this thread with the news that the GT Series is going to – of all places – Azerbaijan later this year:



    Interesting. This was the venue of the City Challenge race that happened at the tail end of last year. A fair few of the regular GT teams attended. Can’t say the circuit layout was very interesting though. A rectangle with effectively an elongated bus-stop section capped by chicanes where the pit lane sat.

    I was hoping that last round would be filled by a British round like last year. Could still happen though, I guess. I was at the Blancpain Silverstone round yesterday. I’ll post some videos once they’re uploaded.



    2013 Blancpain Endurance Series 3 hours of Silverstone:

    The start (they used the full circuit with the old pit lane and start line) –

    One by one they whiz through Maggotts –

    2 minute long video featuring every one of the 60-or-so cars navigating Maggotts, Becketts and Chapel, starting with the then race leader Lucas Ordóñez in the Nissan GT-R –



    Myself and @Ajokay went to this yesterday, as you can tell from his videos above it was a good experience.

    Here’s my photos from the race.

    What I was most surprised by was the levels of access that we had for our £20 tickets. You could pretty much go everywhere and view the action from any vantage point. Towards the end we watched the cars from the balcony of the Silverstone Wing:

    I had the same view of last year’s F1 race from there, but the difference was that that time it required paddock Club access (which I was fortunate to have gifted to me by Lotus at the time).

    Were I to pay for the same vantage point this year for an F1 race, it would easily cost a couple of grand.






    Brilliant race ,wasn’t it? Shame they didn’t broadcast through the night, but the feed and commentators were pretty good with the ‘race so far’ highlights. Lots of action, lots of overtaking, crashes, and the leader won by less than a lap at the end.


    Keith Collantine

    Just saw this astonishing video of the start – seriously impressed they all missed Alessandro Per Guidi!



    Great save as well!



    Alex Buncombe and Jos Menten weren’t so lucky



    That´s nothing, I´ll do that all days just for the fun of it ;)



    How are the marshalls not afraid standing in the middle of Eau Rouge?


    Fer no.65

    I wonder if it’d be better to start the race at the Kemmel straight instead of just before of one of the most challenging corners in the world…

    Specially for a 70 something cars grid…


    Force Maikel

    More proof that talking Eau Rouge flat is still not as easy as suggested from time to time. I’ve stood at the botom and walked all the way up there. You need very big cahones too take it flat even it the modern age. As far as the marshals go yes you need to be completely mad to be standing in that corner

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