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    2013 Indycar season kicks-off this weekend with St.Petersburg GP..And I’m surprised that none of fanatics have bothered to start a forum for it..Last year I followed Indycar for the first time and found it was really exciting..hoping the same from this year’s season..any thoughts and opinions guys???



    I’m looking forward to it… although with no Sky coverage, I suspect I’ll be hunting the internet for a piece of the action!

    Sad to see that there’s only one rookie on the grid this year, but there are still 25 entries. As for the last few years, I’m suspecting a Will Power/Team Penske v Dario Franchitti/Gannassi dominance, but it’d be really nice to see some more other teams involved regularly… a few KVRT wins would do the series no harm at all…

    Keith: are we going to do F1F Live for the Indycars this year?


    Keith Collantine

    @mildertduck Yep, preview on the site tomorrow.


    Participant live coverage here in India as well..But thankfully Indycar uploads full race videos on its Youtube channel..US proxies or VPNs will do the job..

    And I really hope Franchitti wins the championship and Indy 500 as well..I’m a huge fan..Great driver!



    @keithcollantine Thanks Keith!..looking forward to your preview..


    Craig Woollard

    I’m really looking forward to the season. Last season was my first full IndyCar following and it was a great fight! Became a massive fan of James Hinchcliffe over the season as well. Always like seeing the Brits and ex-F1 drivers do well too! The races are on at times that are usually pretty good for a student like myself which is handy!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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