Barrichello set to leave KV Racing

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    Rubinho will leave KV Racing at the end of the season.


    Keith Collantine

    It’s good that he wants to keep racing and stay in the series. I’ve been disappointed with KV this year, I thought they stood to do well after switching engine suppliers. With Kanaan and Barrichello they should have done better, though Kanaan’s had some good runs.



    Sad to see him so quickly disenchanted, but not terribly surprised. I wouldn’t want to be bringing up the rear, either. I’d love to see what would happen if he got plopped in a Penske or a Ganassi seat.



    Glad to see he’s not just wanting to be there to make up the numbers and really wanting to go out and win. If only the same could be said for so many aging F1 drivers in recent years.


    Keith Collantine

    Some tips from Curt Cavin, seems he expects Barrichello will go to Honda:

    I see a lot of options for Rubens (Rahal, Schmidt, maybe Ganassi’s 38 car).

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